The 4 Best Coffee Cocktails

Silly season is the perfect time to get a bit boozy before the inevitable health kick in January. For the ultimate winter kick, combine your booze with coffee to make sure that you don’t get too sleepy whilst Christmas shopping or hanging with the relatives. Check out the Climpson’s guide to the best coffee cocktails and how to make them at home — just never give Aunt Doris more than two.


Climpson’s Coffee Martini

There are two versions of this, our nitrogenated, kegged cocktail found at Climpson's Coffee Bar at Old Spitalfields Market or in a bar near you soon; or our home version closer to a standard espresso martini, just substitute the vodka for rum for extra sweetness.



Double shot of the Baron espresso (use an Aeropress if you haven’t got access to a espresso machine)
25ml ELLC Navy Strength Demerara Rum

50ml Kahlua


Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add a scoop full of ice and shake like your life depends on it. Perfectly extracted espresso eliminates the need for simple syrup, but add to taste if needed.
Pour into Martini glass and enjoy!

Climpson’s Hot Nitro Irish Coffee

Our take on Irish coffee has a twist when served at our Coffee Bar at Old Spitalfields Market — hot nitro coffee. At home, this recipe works with hot coffee made any way, ideally something that’s going to give it a decent body like an Aeropress. The spiced stout syrup gives this recipe an extra depth and eliminates the need for sugar.



25ml Jamesons Whiskey
5ml Spiced Stout Syrup (Guinness, star anise, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and orange zest)
150ml Hot nitro coffee (or just hot coffee, ideally something full-bodied and chocolatey — try The Baron)
Top with vanilla whipped cream
Garnish with grated nutmeg and star anise



Combine the Jamesons and spiced stout syrup in a old fashioned glass. Fill with hot coffee and top with freshly whipped cream.


Cold Brew Negroni

Get transported to a warm Italian summer evening and get caffeinated at the same time with a cold brew negroni. The substitution of gin for cold brew results in a much lighter negroni whilst still keeping the flavour. (How to make cold brew here).


50ml cold brew coffee (ideally a high grown Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee for a delicate, fruity flavour)     
50ml Campari
50ml Sweet Vermouth

Cubed Ice
Orange rind to garnish


Pour the cold brew, Campari and sweet vermouth into your serving glass, add ice and stir. Garnish with orange rind.


Dark and Stormy coffee

A bit of ginger will help kick out the cold that’s lurking in your body, even if it is cold and laced with rum. (How to make cold brew here).


50ml ELLC Navy Strength Demerara Rum

50ml cold brewed coffee (ideally something citrusy with a bit of spice)

Ginger Beer

Cubed Ice

Lime Wedges



Pour the rum and cold brew over ice, top up with ginger beer and squeeze in two lime wedges and garnish with a third.

There you go, all the ways to get tipsy and stay energised this festive season. Can't be bothered to make them? Head to our coffee bar at Old Spitalfields Market to have one made for you instead.

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