Brew Guide: V60 + El Martillo, El Salvador = Heaven

Our Head Barista Nicky talks through her recipe to success with the  gorgeous combo of v60 and the El Salvador El Martillo.

A culinary marriage that has finally been consummated within a cup of coffee with the launching of our new single origin El Salvadorian El Martillo coffee. From the moment you slice open the bag, your nose gets greeted with the comforting scent of digestive biscuits and cocoa. It was this very invasion of the senses that prompted me to put this particular coffee through a longer v60 filter coffee extraction process, as the immediate scents were more on the darker end of our palates. I hoped a v60 extraction would allow the brighter melon notes to come to the fore rather than get lost in the immediate biscuity overtones. The results were splendid with the following recipe and equipment and made for a stunning Sunday morning ‘cuppa comfort’ :


1 plastic 2-cup v60 coffee dripper

1 two-cup size hario filter paper

1 hario gooseneck kettle

Set of scales that have a capacity of 600g

250ml of filtered water


17g of El Salvador El Martillo coffee ground at 5.3 on the Climpson’s cafe retail coffee grinder


  1. Pre-wet your filter paper with boiled filtered water
  2. Pop the filter coffee dripper and pre wet paper on top of your cup and place on top of your scales. Tare your scales.
  3. Use 17g of pre ground coffee on the washed out paper filter. Tare your scales again.
  4. Using your gooseneck kettle pre-infuse your grounds with 30g of boiled filtered water for 30 seconds (put your timer on as soon as the water hits the coffee)
  5. Stir the coffee with a wooden spatula after 15s to get all the coffee and water to make sweet contact – Awwwww yeah!
  6. Once you’ve pre-infused and released all the carbon dioxide that pushes water away from the coffee, add the rest of the 220ml
  7. Your extraction should take between 2mins and 2:15s


Drink responsibly while listening to Lionel Richie’s ‘Easy’ and if your mother allows you – put your feet up bro!

Any problems – feel free to come in and talk the ear off one of our staff members about your home-brewing – we’re happy to get stuck in!


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