Brew-it-yourself: The "I promise its not mine, baby" Aeropress

It looks like a contraption straight out of a hemp store or perhaps an erotica shop , but in actual fact this is a coffee drinkers best friend... Now get your mind out of the gutter!

The beauty of this apparatus is the ability to experiment with it. And go where no (wo)man has gone before.

We steer away from the aeropress instruction manual as they tend towards espresso roasts. What we like about it is how good filters can taste too. Keep an eye out for our comprehensive guide to making the perfect aeropress.

In the meantime, try modifying your technique. We tend to pre-infuse about 50ml for 30seconds first, then add remainder of water, steep for 45 seconds and plunge over 30 seconds. We tried two ways of making the aeropress.

Lets break it down shall we:

Attempt one: El Salvador La Divina

Grind: Courser than espresso, finer than filter

Coffee: 12g (3tsp)

Water: 200ml

Outcome: Sweet caramel goodness

*Staff Pick

Attempt two:  El Salvador La Divina

Grind: Same as v60

Coffee: 16g (4tsp)

Water: 200ml

Outcome: Fruity and less sweet

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Community Noticeboard: The Takeaway

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