Covid19 Collectors Edition Coffee Bags

It's what's on the inside that counts. 

Everyone has been affected by Covid-19. Personally, professionally, it has changed the way we live our lives.

Overnight we lost most of our wholesale business, as offices, cafes, restaurants were forced to close and people were told to work from home where they could. We have furloughed 75% of our team and whilst we are very happy to be roasting coffee, we have a few less resources and team members to make it as smooth a sailing as we would like. Combined with the huge pressure that Royal Mail have right now, with shipping taking a lot longer than we would like. This is a big conversation that changes every day. 

But we adapt. We problem solve. We figure it out. We keep trying. 

People are suddenly forced into home life, meaning our sales for the small bags have increased, and in doing so keeping some momentum going! We are very thankful to have an E-Commerce website that can support this, and roasters willing to roast and dispatch coffee. 

So apart from all of the above, we also weren’t quite ready for the increase in 250g coffee bag purchases. Our crystal ball and forecasting did not factor in Covid-19 nor the disruption to our supply chain for packaging and other goods. 

The moment you realise you have a couple of weeks worth of bag stock left and now, about a 10 week gap before we receive the usual packaging. 

So what do we do? Unlike our previous iteration of packaging, we can’t just print out a white label from Publisher, and just like Christmas in 2016, we get creative. 

Image: 2014 packaging

Behold, this new edition: The Covid Collector's Edition. It has all the same information, but a bit more colour. So you can stay home, stay safe, and still drink good coffee and know where it comes from. 

We are actually pretty pleased with the outcome and we hope you enjoy the limited edition collectors item. 

The coffee will still be the same delicious, freshly roasted coffee. Just in a different bag. 

So keep supporting us, your local coffee shop turned deli/grocery store/delivery service. We need you more than ever! 

How to read the coffee label 

Current range

PS - we were in the process of considering changing our packaging as we have been waiting for a fully recyclable bag to come to market. So far the ones that are ‘recyclable’ or ‘biodegradable’ are not actually done so at our local Hackney recycling centre, so until we find the ones that are, we will not change. In the meantime we collect up as many bags as we can to get sent to be recycled through Terracycle. Well pre-Cov life we did.

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