From Coffee waste to Green Energy

Fact: Over 200,000 tonnes of coffee waste is produced by London’s booming coffee industry. 

Climpson’s has helped contribute to this and so we decided it was time to do something about it. Inedible waste coffee is full of Lignin- a potent organic source that can be burned as a carbon neutral fuel. We’ve teamed up with Beanergi to convert our coffee waste into a renewable heat energy source. It’s been easier than we thought to make the transition and a couple of times a week the Beanergi folk pick up our coffee waste – everything from used coffee grounds to the chaff from the roaster -  and take it to their facility to refine the waste and convert it into energy pellets. What’s great about it is these pellets are ultra-sustainable and considered one of the most responsible and economical sources of carbon-neutral energy around.



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