Meet our mates: The Coffeesmiths Collective

The Coffeesmiths Collective is the brain child of Tim Ridley and Chris McKie – a couple of Kiwis whose obsessive quest to challenge the London coffee scene has lead them to opening five great coffee shops. The vibe of their coffee shops is coffee geekery in a friendly and social environment. They are renowned for their precision, commitment to the craft, focus on people and their unforgettable afghans! 

The specialty coffee bug has well and truly hit them! Tim says that fundamentally it comes down to one question “if coffee can taste like this – why?” For them seeking out new and exciting coffees from around the world is one way of this question being answered, although Tim is quick to say (and we agree!) that as soon as you answer one question another rises. 

In the space of one year they will try over 100 single estate coffees. These are perfectly exemplified through a little gem of a drink instigated in their shops: Coffee Two Ways; a single espresso and a single strength piccolo. The reason this works is that different flavours are brought out in each method so the idea is to demonstrate all aspects of the espresso.

Head on down to your local Coffeesmiths Collective coffee shop – the Department of Coffee & Social Affairs, Speakeasy Espresso & Brew Bar, Chancery Coffee, The Liberty of Norton Folgate and Tonic Coffee Bar.

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