Our Summer Seasonal Espresso Blend

Compared to our darker, chocolaty Spring Espresso, the Summer Blend highlights fruity notes and added complexity. The Costa Rica Tarrazu is the stand out performer, bringing the overall sweet, citrus acidity. The Ethiopian Harrar, Brasil Daterra Estate and Dominican Republic Cibao Altura Estate elements help to create the overall body and mouth feel.

We’re proud to say that this blend really highlights our ongoing commitment to ethical  & sustainable coffee sourcing. The Costa Rica Tarrazu is from La Trinidad, a community in the Leon Cortes region. Coffee trade encourages growth and sustainability in the region, including community development programmes, a key access road to a larger town nearby and  the building of a school house, sports field and community room.

Try our Summer Blend at the café on Broadway Market or order it online at climpsonandsons.com. For the home barista, she is a strong all rounder and a favourite in the Aeropress.

Read more about it [and buy it!] here! 

Plus use the discount code "JUNESUMMERLOVIN" to receive a 10% discount on your Summer Espresso purchase

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Community Noticeboard: The Takeaway

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