Spitalfields Local Guide

Spitalfields Local Guide

Our new stomping ground is in Old Spitalfields Market - the original East London market  - and our coffee bar is bang in the middle of the chaos of food stalls and kitchens, vintage and vinyl markets. 

In the centre of the market floor you will find ‘the Kitchens’ at Old Spitalfields Market with ten fully fitted kitchens showcasing exceptional contemporary and authentic cooking. Around the outside there are smaller producers and stall holders with local creatives and artisans, original independent retailers and a few well-known brands under one historic roof.

“It’s a chance for us to bring Old Spitalfields Market into the modern day, and to celebrate all of the creative people and talent within this pocket of London” - Nuno Mendes.

Here is the Climpson guide to where to go and what else to do - apart from joining us for coffee of course.  

Our favourites - the Kitchens

Dumpling shack. A top spot, because, well, dumplings. Stacey says they are always delicious and a great sharing option, if you are that way inclined. Emily is a fan of the vegan dumpling, whilst Matteo is into the beef noodle soup.

Sood Family are a friendly bunch, cooking recipes passed down through their families for cuisine with a southern Italian twist. Becky highly recommends their pumpkin risotto.

Nico loves Flank for delicious beef dishes. They are all about sustainable cooking and offer seasonal, British, nose to tail cookery, using an open flame barbecue.

Taberna do Mercado have moved in and their pastel del natas are next level. Nuno Mendes has been a long time friend of Climpsons and his take on Portuguese food makes for a unique dining experience.  

'round the outside

Pilpel are a go-to for a healthy and delicious lunch. The Pilpel falafel recipe was created by founder Uri Dinay’s grandfather over 60 years ago and at the tender age of 84 he was still perfecting the recipe.

Danny and Nicole’s favourite is Androuet Cheese and wine bar. Cheese fit for the queen - literally. Master cheese makers since 1909 with shops all over France, and luckily for us in Spitalfields. 

Laphet were once over the road from the Arch so we count them in our mix of good friends. Their Burmese cuisine is down right delicious - we recommend the tea leaf salad. 

Over the road, doughnuts from St John. Words cannot describe. Then again, everything about St John is pretty special. Nose to tail British food, exceptional service, the wine. You can have a good time. 

Lily Vanilli cakes are super delicious and have vegan options.

Whilst we are all about supporting local and independent business, sometimes we fall off the wagon from time to time. Case in point, Matt's favourite place is Nandos. Delicious chicken and corn on the cob smothered in peri peri sauce. 

Further afield, Beigel Bake on Brick Lane is Georges favourite and literally talks about it all the time. Its open all the time and is a bit of a landmark. Her mum used to go on nights out, keeping it in the family.

LL likes the Commercial Tavern. Its a pub. And its cosy. Duke of Wellington is a good old sticky floor local boozer. Matt goes to escape hipsters.

Not just food!

One of our regulars Mark and Marley the dog, run a sunglasses stall on market day. Its pretty ace. There is also a weekly vintage market and a monthly vinyl market.

Tune into Hoxton Radio for a good time. 

Jen likes LuLu Lemon for its great gears. Soooo Comfy. Payday couldn't come quick enough.

Matteo recommends the Nomadic Community Gardens . What was once a derelict space, a group of dedicated volunteers have transformed into a modern secret garden. Located in Brick Lane are home to 100 Allotment spaces, sculptures, artwork, bees and bee keepers alike and most importantly, a community of people that have collided from all walks of life.

Another gem is the Spitalfields city farm, sited on a former railway goods depot. The farm was started in 1978 in response to local people’s demand for allotments, having lost theirs to developers. With a long east end tradition of backyard farming, it wasn’t long before chickens, rabbits and geese appeared on the scene. You can wander around the gardens and ogle. Or watch out for the Goat Race that takes place in March.

Arch Alumni: 

Climpson's Arch in its restaurant heyday had a whole host of amazing young and entrepreneurial chefs paving there way in the London scene. Since its beginning, Climpson's Arch was a home to innovation, both within coffee and food. Our restaurant residency came from a desire to continue our pursuit of innovation within taste and we were lucky to play hosts to some fantastic minds within food, all who have taken the next step and opening their own restaurants. We just do the coffee roasting at the Arch now but we are pretty happy they are still in close proximity - the infamous Som Saa and now old pal Tomos Parry's opened Brat. Pop ups with the Smoking Goat crew as well as early days of Bleeker with their burger trucks are also all near by.

Find our coffee:

Our coffee bar at Old Spitalfields market is about 450 steps from Liverpool St Station. On the way to hitting 10,000 steps you may discover Hanbury Hall and the Crypt which is a wonderful and unique space, in a crypt.  Ottolenghi for all of the foods, Smoking Goat for a Vietnamese Coffee, and Kahaila always make the Climpson Estate on point.

Dont forget London Coffee Festival at the Old Truman Brewery! Its hectic, its coffee fuelled, its hot. Whats not to love. 

Much to do in and around Spitalfields, lots to eat, lots to drink. All the action. 

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