Q&A with Daterra Estate: The Reforestation Project

Q&A with Daterra Estate: The Reforestation Project

We’re bringing you news from our friends at Daterra in Brazil. This eco-focussed estate is the source of our customer favourite coffee The Baron. They hold some of the best sustainability credentials in the industry, becoming the first coffee farm in the world to receive Level A Certification from the Rainforest Alliance.

Q&A with Indochina Coffee: Ethical Sourcing in Speciality Coffee

Shirani Gunawardena and Christian Steenberg began Indochina Coffee in 2015 when living in Bangkok, redrawing the speciality coffee map to showcase South East Asian coffees in the UK and Europe. Building relationships with coffee producers through Myanmar, China and the Phillipines, we’ve worked with these two over the last few years to bring the best of the region's speciality coffee to Climpsons, including our most recent edition of The Fields - Ywangan from Myanmar. After working in equality, human rights and social justice, Indochina strive to ensure fairness and transparency across the supply chain, staying true to the Climpsons ethos of developing long-term, sustainable relationships with farmers and producers.

We’ve had the chance to pick Christian and Shirani’s brain on what it means to be an ethical coffee business in 2020 and what to expect from the region in the coming years.

One of the Best in Show: Finca San Jeronimo, Guatemala

I was lucky enough to visit Guatemala this year and visit our long-time coffee producer partner, the Bressani Family of Finca San Jeronimo. Our relationship with them goes back to 2016 and we were one of the first to buy his specialty coffees through Coffee Bird in the UK. At the time, I thought it was a delightful Guatemalan coffee with some great aspects of social, environmental and economic practices. A great story. 

However, upon visiting earlier this year, my expectations were surpassed and many assumptions were blown out of the water. It has profoundly changed the way I think about coffee and what ‘sustainability’ actually is - and isn’t.

Over-Caffeinated Ocean Warriors On Bikes.

The London to Monaco 10 day cycle.

Climpson & Sons were proud to be the official coffee sponsors of the epic Blue Marine Foundation London to Monaco charity cycle.

The 10-day adventure provided the perfect backdrop to raise awareness and support for Blue’s projects to combat overfishing and the destruction of ocean biodiversity.

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