The Best English AeroPress Recipe

Two weeks ago, Climpson & Sons took a trip over to Dublin for the World of Coffee Festival. As well as having our own stand, we also took the opportunity to enjoy some of the other offerings and events taking place.
On the Wednesday we hosted a cupping club with Clement and Pekoe at Indigo & Cloth. It’s always great to do cuppings outside of London, as it helps to collate feedback on our coffee from new and unique perspectives. One of the most exciting parts of our trip was watching our very own Matt Randell compete in the World Aeropress Competition. Earlier in the year, Matt was crowned English Aeropress Champion, and was in Dublin for his shot at the title of World Champion. Sadly, he didn’t get to raise the trophy this time, but he’ll be back next year to try it all over again.

Matt has been gracious enough to give us a quick write up of his experiences in the English Aeropress championships, and share with us his winning brew.


'To onlookers not working in the coffee industry, getting out of bed on a Saturday morning to make (or watch someone make) coffee with a plastic pump in front of 100 people is mental. Throw in lots of free craft beer and a day long selection box of hip hop it may make a little bit more sense. By the end of the day, however, this onlooker would be involved, mouth foaming and scream wobbling for their chosen pump warrior. They will be confused still and upon leaving the battle arena will feel as if they've awoken from a cheese induced insta-twit-book wet dream. Yet they were there and they did see a tired young man from Crewe do a good plastic pump coffee like this;

26g coffee ground at 5 on the EK 43
98 degree water
Add 175g water
Stir 4 times
Wait until 1:15, invert, plunge for 20 sec
Decant into cup, fill with 98 degree water to 215


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Community Noticeboard: The Takeaway

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