'Tis the Season for Silky Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate season is upon us. Possibly the most indulgent staple of the winter season, hot chocolate comes in plenty of guises, whether drinking at home or in a cafe. There are so many brands and ways to make hot chocolate, from powders to the elusive liquid hot chocolate.

We at Climpsons have used and worked with The Original Cocoa Traders for years and, for us, they’re the best specialty hot chocolate on the market. Their Mofo Deluxe Premium is the most insanely gorgeous hot chocolate we’ve ever come across, silky and rich, and easy to make well (check out our recipes a bit further down).


The Original Cocoa Traders are based in Melbourne and are serious chocolate experts. Starting in 2005 in Melbourne, Gabe Davidson and two kiwi barista friends had a few small espresso bars in Melbourne and found the drinking chocolate on offer to coffee shops to be sub-par, full of potato or corn starch, milk powders, and artificial flavours and colours. They decided to develop their own gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, high cocoa fat drinking chocolate and Koko and Mofo were born.

The Cocoa Traders are committed to being as ethical and sustainable as possible. Staying true to their kiwi roots, they donate one percent of their income to charity each year through the One Percent Collective.

Mofo Deluxe Premium Hot Chocolate Recipes

Our recipe for Mofo Deluxe Premium hot chocolate with a steam wand

  1. Pour 300ml of cold milk into you little jug and add to rounded tablespoons of Koko Deluxe.
  2. Steam together to 68 degrees. This method evenly blends the silky cocoa butter and milk together, to thicken it perfectly.
  3. Garnish with freshly grated chocolate.

If you’ve got a steam wand to hand, don’t make this delectable hot chocolate into a watery paste — it’s not nearly as good.

Our recipe for Mofo Deluxe Premium hot chocolate at home

  1. Make a smooth paste with a small amount of hot water and a tablespoon of Mofo Deluxe Premium.
  2. Mix slowly with hot milk, stirring constantly as you add the milk to the paste.
  3. Sprinkle some chocolate on top

Check out Mofo Deluxe Premium for home use or drop us an email on  admin@climpsonandsons.comfor info about wholesale supply.

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