Tips for the Iced Coffee Season

Last summer was a record-breaking heatwave, coupled with a semi-successful World Cup performance from the home side meant that coffee sales struggled throughout the summer (there was a beer shortage though). Here’s a few tips to diversify your coffee and cold drink offering during the summer to try and keep sales high whatever the weather (or the football) is doing.

Iced Lattes/Americanos

Frappes might be the go-to hot weather drink in certain coffee chains, but why bother with annoying blenders and syrups when making an iced latte or Americano is delicious, easy and faster than hot espresso with milk service (also uses less milk than most hot coffees — depending on the size of your cups and the amount of ice you use).

It’s important to pour the shot over ice to keep bitterness to a minimum, then add either filtered water (with or without a splash of milk) or just milk.

If you’ve got high-quality specialty coffee this really is the only way to go (with a simple sugar syrup to add for those customers who do need a little extra sweetness to their coffee.

Cold Brew

Cold brew has similar margins as filter coffee and flies out the door when it’s hot. It also allows coffees that would normally shine on batch brew and pour-over to still sell during the warm months.

You can also try Japanese iced coffee — filter over ice, but this is much more time consuming and doesn’t allow you to sell as much as with the big cold brew toddies. There’s a blog here on the differences between these


No good if you don’t have freezer space, but if you do an absolutely delicious addition to a coffee menu. Similar to certain cocktails, an affogato is something that will become incredibly popular the moment you sell your first one — everyone sees one person eating one and wants one as well.

Just a couple of scoops of ice cream (high-quality and creamy vanilla works best, but other flavours can also be delicious) and a shot of whatever espresso you would normally serve with a milky drink (our favourite is the Broadway Blend).

Speak to your dairy — there’s a decent chance they make their own ice cream and you can easily get delivery with your milk delivery.

Iced tea

Either iced tea, or cold brew tea makes a great alternative during the summer. Easy to make either over ice or cold brewed overnight. Experiment with different teas and garnishes to find the right combo — we’ve always been into a cold brewed white tea with a sprig of mint.

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