We were a butchers, we now have bakers (just no candlestick makers... )

Yes that's right, we are now making and creating delicious baked goods from scratch for Climpson’s Cafe. Matt Parker is taking the helm baking up a storm of seasonal, cafe-centric foods in our shipping container kitchen at Climpson’s Arch.  The food conforms to classic techniques but maybe with different ingredients and the buzzwords of  Gluten free, vegan and raw are taken into consideration daily – mainly to keep our gluten-intolerant Boss Man happy.

The staples bring options to the table with savoury muffins, frittata or quiche, gluten free chocolate brownie, Anzac biscuits, and Herman Cake. Herman Cake being the signature sweet. Two months ago Matt made a starter of flour, sugar and milk to create the live cultures that are the key component of this cake. The rest will change depending on what delicious, seasonal produce is available. Cake Eaters better make sure they get to the cafe over the weekend, as that’s when mouth-watering cakes are served up.

There is only one downfall to all of this - we have to try everything, and whilst a lot of it is ‘healthy-ised’ that sweet tooth that some are trying to shake is encouraged and the beach bodies for your summer holiday are unfortunately on the back burner. 


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