What's in the hopper? Doi Chaang

Doi Chaang is one of our Single Estate coffees of the season, with an interesting story to tell. 

The coffee is grown in Doi Chaang Village and the surrounding areas, located in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand.  The Arabica coffee is shade grown (under macadamia trees), fresh water washed, sun dried, handpicked, hand sorted, and chemical free – a true indication of a quality coffee.

In the beginning, the Akha Hill Tribe of Doi Chaang Village struggled with isolation and poverty, so turned to growing opium as a source of income. The agricultural methods of growing opium were not sustainable and in 1983, as part of the Royal Initiative, the farmers received high quality Arabica coffee plants and instructions on how to cultivate and process coffee. The farmers were successful; however they were forced to sell their coffee for next to nothing. On limited resources and under their own initiative a Co-operative was formed to ensure fair prices, enabling them to build their own facilities and establish themselves as independent coffee producers.

Since 2007, a unique partnership was formed with a Canadian family - 50% of the profits earned by the Canadian Company are returned to the Thai farmers. They also keep 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their green beans. The partnership has directly benefitted the Akha hill Tribe community as the village now has electricity, running water, a library and a school. Road conditions and infrastructure have also improved to produce and process the increased amount of coffee needed.

 This ever-evolving ‘beyond fair trade’ business is a role model for the trade.

Tasting notes: Natural processing of Arabica develops the cup character into a powerful and complex flavour, with layers of ginger cake, caramel and nuts. Clean acidity, great mouthfeel and finish.

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