Coffee Workshop: Home Brewing (Virtual)


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Climpson & Sons Virtual Home Brewing workshops are for the passionate, budding home brewer. This workshop is all about exploring flavour in coffee - taking you on a sensory journey and working out what you like and why, then set to the task of brewing a pour-over for yourself. All from the comfort of your own kitchen.

We liken coffee tasting to wine tasting. We want to open you up to the world of coffee, how best to brew it and things to consider, in order to brew to your own individual preference and learn what you like.

Please note that courses are only available in the United Kingdom

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This workshop covers all brewing methods. If you're a keen Aeropress, cafetiere, V60, kalita or chemex brewer, step forward.

What is coffee?

We give a little overview of where coffee comes from and what makes Specialty Coffee exceptional. We then follow the journey from farm to our roastery and finally into your cup of coffee.

What affects flavour?

You’ll receive your cupping set in the post prior to the event with including 6 different coffees to compare plus your very own set of cupping bowls and spoons. We’ll be tasting a selection of coffees to better understand what affects flavour  — washed and natural, arabica and robusta, and specialty coffee from opposite sides of the world. This will help you better understand coffee, to not only get a better idea of what you like and dislike, but to know how to find what you like and demystify the coffee label.

Time to brew!

We’ll send you our choice from our current range of filter coffees, then provide a demonstration and insight on how you make the perfect filter coffee, giving you all the tips and tricks to get you making an enviable brew at home.  You will then put the theory into practice and have a go at brewing yourself — this session is practical and fun and will have you making barista quality coffee at home in no time.

For the budding home brewer who doesn’t know where to start or the semi-pro who wants to refine their technique and everyone in between. For young, old, amateurs and wannabe connoisseurs — anyone who loves coffee and wants to better understand why and how we taste coffee and how to make a better home brew.

Additional Details

The course takes 2 hours

Hosted virtually on zoom. You will receive a link prior to the event.

You will receive 250g Climpson's choice of filter coffee whole bean, 6x coffee cupping samples, 6x cupping bowls, 2x cupping spoons, how to cup video and a tasting card with notes on the coffee.

You will need filtered or bottled water, a pouring kettle, scales, your choice of brew method.

This course is suitable for V60, Kalita, Aeropress, Chemex and cafetiere. Please note this course does not cover espresso, latte art, moka pot, stovetop, or syphon.

Currently only available in the UK.


Workshops and bespoke courses are available for private group booking. For more information click here.