The Fields: La Esperanza, Colombia


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We now offer multiple espresso grind options: the domestic grind is slightly coarser, perfect for home espresso machines from Sage or De'Longhi; and the commercial grind is the finer option, more suited towards commercial machines from La Marzocco, Sanremo.

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Specialty coffee from Colombia

The Adventurous One

The Fields is known as the adventurous coffee in our range and a key part of our forward-thinking desire for quality and innovation. This coffee represents our standing as one of the pioneers in the London coffee scene with its title a nod to our London Fields neighbourhood.

The adventurous badge offers us the chance to explore new approaches to processing, sustainability and experiment with some of our favourite producers and exporting partners.

Flavour Profile

Blackcurrant, Liquorice, Grape

La Esperanza, Colombia






Caturra, Typica & Colombia


1,900 masl



The Story

Finca La Esperanza is overseen by Andrés Trujillo, a pioneering producer seeking to re-think Colombian processing norms and mitigate the financial risks of coffee production. In a country where natural processed coffee is seen as an exciting rarity, Andrés has already dedicated 100% of his farms output to shade-dried natural lots. He has also transitioned to organic certification as a calculated move to appeal to different sectors of the coffee industry and ensure he has multiple opportunities for selling his coffee.
Looking beyond just the basic organic standards he has embraced agroforestry principles, planting native trees amongst his Caturra, Typica and Colombia coffee varieties. This awareness of the environment’s long-term impact on productivity and quality is evident with a complex and deep array of tropical flavours on display.

Partnering with Cedro Alto, a collective of Colombian farmers, provides a unique degree of financial transparency. Illustrating the costs of production at each stage of the supply chain, whilst also highlighting the value and security responsible partners can add, provides farmers with an alternative to the volatile open commodity market.

Specialty coffee from Colombia