Single Origin: Green Land, Myanmar


  • Single Origin: Green Land, Myanmar
  • Single Origin: Green Land, Myanmar

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Single origin from Green Land, Myanmar

This unique lot comes from the area of Mandalay in Central Myanmar. Whilst most of the local coffee is a hardier Catimor variety the Green Land Estate has been experimenting with more exotic varieties of Catuai, Geisha and, in this case, SL34.

As a washed processed lot the hand-picked coffee cherries are first floated (to separate under and over ripes) before being pulped, washed again in clean water and dried on concrete patios. The remaining pulped coffee fruit and wastewater is recycled for use back on the farm.

Flavour Profile

Toffee, Dates, Cocoa






1,150 masl





Farm Story

Whilst rarely seen outside of Asia, Myanmar has actually been growing small amounts of coffee for much of the 20th century. Until recently, the majority of this was consumed within the Asian continent and only recent political changes have encouraged investment from NGO’s and exporters, leading to the founding of Myanmar’s own Coffee Research and Training Association in 2014. This has brought about a profound improvement in quality and overseas interest as we have witnessed more consistent cup profiles.

The Details

In maintaining careful control of their processing it is no surprise that the exported coffees continue to offer balanced flavour notes of creamy toffee, cocoa and dates. In return, coffee has also begun to provide Myanmar’s farmers with a more consistent and legitimate source of income, offering hope for a country that is still navigating its way out of decades of oppression and unrest.

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