Single Origin: La Innovación, Honduras


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We now offer multiple espresso grind options: the domestic grind is slightly coarser, perfect for home espresso machines from Sage or De'Longhi; and the commercial grind is the finer option, more suited towards commercial machines from La Marzocco, Sanremo.

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Single Origin coffee
Honduras coffee

A Single Origin from Honduras

Finca La Innovación is the project of third-generation farmer Mauricio Peñalba. As implied by the naming of the farm, Mauricio is determined to improve production, biodiversity and processing standards.

This is the fourth year we have bought from Finca La Innovación, adding this bright and vibrant washed lot as a contrast to the fruit forward naturals we have often used as The Fields.

Flavour Profile

Blackberry, Candy, Dates

La Innovación, Honduras




Marcala, La Paz


Catuai, Icatu & Bourbon



1,250 masl



The Story

Amongst his coffee Maurico  allows fruit and pine trees to grow, creating a unique micro-climate, home to native birds and also generating useful organic matter to be repurposed as fertiliser. Having worked with the COMSA (Café Orgánico Marcala) cooperative team to develop his own organic compost, Señor Peñalba has seen the quality and consistency of his coffee dramatically improve.

Starting in 2001 with 69 local producers, COMSA (Café Orgánico Marcala) set out to improve their communities' coffee and livelihoods through sustainable organic production. Now they represent over 1,200 members and provide training in organic farm regeneration, water management and wildlife conservation. The improved quality and prices continue to motivate producing families and act as a beacon of inspiration as to the long-term sustainability of organic specialty practices.

Single Origin coffee
Honduras coffee