An Ethiopian Showcase


Roasted as a single-origin espresso The Estate is our go-to for smooth black coffees and creamy jaffa cake-like flavours in milk. Our namesake signature espresso showcases the very best attributes of Ethiopian coffees; bright, balanced and complex.

Flavour profile:

Milk Chocolate, Toffee, Orange

Best for:


Kilenso Mokonisa Cooperative




1,800 masl


Mixed Heirloom



The Story

Why we love this coffee:
Ethiopian coffee is almost the spiritual home of modern coffee and always a favourite with staff and customers. As our Signature Espresso we are highlighting the classic Ethiopian attributes of bright citrus and creamy milk chocolate. The Kilenso Mokonisa Co-op have provided us with many years of standout coffees that it only makes sense to give that a permanent home as our Espresso of choice.

Sourcing this coffee:
We really love Ethiopian coffee. Ethiopia wrote the book on organic farming as a basic principle they believe in. However, it is a little more complex to buy Ethiopian coffee; it is a government controlled system - you need to be Ethiopian to buy coffee directly for a start, and the government sets the price and has contract controls in place. Most Ethiopian coffee cannot be direct trade, so it makes it a lot harder to maintain the relationships here.

The Cooperatives Story
The Kilenso Mokonisa Cooperative represents more than 2,300 members and exists within the region-wide Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union who export the coffee. Quality coffee has acted as the stepping stone for wider improvements in the communities income, education and now climate change mitigation and resilience.

With most contributing members producing coffee on 2 hectares or less, the scale of the cooperative's output is truly a collaborative effort. Here coffee is grown amongst the sustenance crop Enset with farmers hand-picking before delivering their cherries to the cooperatives washing station. The classic Ethiopian washed process uses clean water to separate any less ripe coffee and the resulting fermentation translates to a crisp, clean and quintessential Sidamo flavour profile.

The cooperative grows about 80,000 seedlings per year to replenish their members' farms, seedlings are planted and nurtured for one year before being distributed.

Our ambition is to continue sourcing, roasting and crafting the finest coffees from the heart of East London.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What date will my coffee be roasted?

    We aim to ship our coffee as fresh as possible, however you may receive coffee roasted up to 7 days prior to the shipping date.

  • What grind type should I choose?

    We offer multiple grind options from Cafetiere to Espresso and everything between. Our domestic espresso grind is slightly coarser and is perfect for home espresso machines, such as DeLonghi or Sage whereas the commercial espresso grind is better suited to commercial machines like La Marzocco or Sanremo. If you’re not sure what grind to choose please get in touch with our team at admin@climpsonandsons to see how they can help. Remember, pre-ground coffee is not an exact science and is only one of many brewing variables. For better brewing, why not take a look at one of our brew guides here

  • Can I order 1kg of coffee?

    This is not something we currently offer but why not consider helping us reduce packaging by ordering a 2kg bag instead? Wholebean coffee has a longer shelf life than you might think, up to 3 months!