Single Origin: Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia


  • Single Origin: Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia
  • Single Origin: Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia

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Single origin: Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia

Everyone's favourite Ethiopian is back! Citrus, sleek and uniquely spiced, Biftu Gudina has become a widely recognised and sought after name for good reason.

Flavour Profile

Peach, Molasses, Juniper




Agaro, Limu


1,800-2,000 masl





Farm Story

The Biftu Gudina cooperative was established in 2012 as part of an NGO project focussed on developing transparency and quality in the lesser known regions of West Ethiopia. Where the classic regions of the South are known for their bright and delicate citrus profiles, the West (once blended as lower grade bulk lots) now shows promise with a unique combination of spice, floral and denser fruit flavours.

The Details

With over 500 co-op members growing coffee on small farms of roughly 3 hectares each, coffee cherries are delivered into a central washing station. Here the coffee is hand sorted and separated by quality and day of picking. Eco-pulpers remove the cherry’s skin and pulp with the beans then soaked in clean water before being moved to drying beds where the coffee is again sorted by hand. 

As a cooperative Biftu Gudina are now able to sell their coffee to exporters as directly traceable lots, bypassing the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange. The collective input of so many producers working together has resulted in a larger, consistent volume of coffee generating better prices. This has enabled the cooperative to pay farmers upfront for cherry they deliver and then a second dividend payment when the processed coffee is then sold.

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