Single Origin: San Pedro, Nicaragua


  • Single Origin: San Pedro, Nicaragua
  • Single Origin: San Pedro, Nicaragua

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Single origin: San Pedro, Nicaragua

This coffee is making waves in our morning filter coffee. 

Flavour Profile

Black cherry - Vanilla - Chocolate Liqueur






1,8350 masl





The Details

The arrival of the UK summer also marks the first arrivals from Central America’s 2020 harvest. In a year of unexpected events we are diving straight in with a dense and decadent natural processed lot from Nicaragua.

This microlot comes from the San Pedro farm, set at the highest point of the Santa Luz Estate, in Nicaragua’s Jinotega region. 

To work around their different varieties and microclimates the Santa Luz Estate has been divided into smaller areas that operate as independent farms. This means they can experiment and tailor their processing to achieve a wide range of flavour possibilities. Case in point is this very coffee which falls into the experimental category. 

The H3 variety is an exciting new addition and comes from the World Coffee Research F1 hybrid programme. Genetically, this is a cross-bred of Caturra and an Ethiopian Heirloom variety designed to thrive at a more typical Central American altitude. The potential for higher yields and improved cup quality led to this being planted at San Pedro in 2015.

With these cherries picked at a deep red ripeness they are then moved to raised beds where shade provides a lower temperature and extends the drying time. This is intended to gently impart more of the cherries natural fruit sweetness and is a process they have chosen to label as ‘Blueberry Candy’. 

The resulting coffee seeks to match the name with layers of fruit, funk and boozy fermentation. We think it comes close and then goes a few steps deeper into flavours dark cherry, vanilla and boozy chocolate liqueur.


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