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The Adventurous One.

The Fields is known as the adventurous coffee in our range and a key part of our forward-thinking desire for quality and innovation. This coffee represents our standing as one of the pioneers in the London coffee scene with its title a nod to our local London Fields community/neighbourhood.
The Fields offers us the chance to explore alternative approaches to processing, sustainability and experiment with some of our closest coffee growing partners. All of which results in unique flavours from some of our favourite producers around the world.

Our current Fields: Kinini PB, Rwanda

Flavour Profile

Sultana, Berries, Cola






2,000 masl





The Story

This version of The Fields brings the idea of experimentation to the forefront with Rwanda’s natural processed coffees only allowed for export in recent years. The Kinini washing station has pushed this concept further in creating separate processing lots based on screen size with our roasting team unanimously selecting these smaller peaberries.

The Details

The Kinini washing station serves as a central collection and processing point for more than 600 neighbouring farmers in the Rulindo region of Rwanda’s Northern Provence. At an impressive altitude of 2,000 metres above sea-level, the coffee cherries are hand-picked and delivered to the station each afternoon. Sorted by size and density the natural lots bypass pulping or wet fermentation. The cherries make it intact to raised drying beds where almost a month imparts a natural booziness and dense fruity sweetness. From the initial delivery and sorting, all the way through processing and shipping, these coffees are kept separate and tracked by their specific harvest date.

In the spirit of the production process, we encourage barista’s and home-brewers to experiment with any/all equipment and ratios. As this Rwandan move to natural processed coffees shows, sometimes breaking the traditional rules can break new ground.

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