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The Adventurous One.

The Fields is known as the adventurous coffee in our range and a key part of our forward-thinking desire for quality and innovation. This coffee represents our standing as one of the pioneers in the London coffee scene with its title a nod to our local London Fields community/neighbourhood.
The Fields offers us the chance to explore alternative approaches to processing, sustainability and experiment with some of our closest coffee growing partners. All of which results in unique flavours from some of our favourite producers around the world.

Our current Fields: Yiwu, China

Flavour Profile

Apricot, Caster Sugar, Nougat




Shigaoqing, Yunnan


1,600 masl




Yellow Honey

The Story

In recent years we have closely followed the development of Asian coffees, evaluating numerous samples and providing feedback in a small effort to help import partners grow their supply chain. Having seen the quality of processing improve so dramatically we are excited to finally showcase an exceptionally crisp coffee from Yunnan, China.

The Details

This coffee hails from the region of Shigaoqing within Yunnan province of Southwestern China. Traditionally this has been a tea-growing region with coffee offering a new option for more diverse and sustainable agriculture.

The Yiwu production is a project of three families that grow their own coffee as well as purchasing cherries from their neighbours. As a honey processed lot the cherries are pulped without water to separate beans from fruit. With a small amount of sticky mucilage still intact this is dried in thin layers on raised beds.

The resulting coffee is crisp and complex highlighting the rapid development of lesser known origins. Whilst we still love classic coffee growing locations, we are also excited to offer new alternatives that may become a key part of a more sustainable coffee industry.

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