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The Adventurous One.

The Fields is known as the adventurous coffee in our range and a key part of our forward-thinking desire for quality and innovation. This coffee represents our standing as one of the pioneers in the London coffee scene with its title a nod to our local London Fields community/neighbourhood.
The Fields offers us the chance to explore alternative approaches to processing, sustainability and experiment with some of our closest coffee growing partners. All of which results in unique flavours from some of our favourite producers around the world.


Our current Fields: Ywangan, Myanmar

Flavour Profile

Plum, Hops, Molasses






1,220 masl


Catuai & S795



The Story

In recent years we have closely followed the development of Asian coffees, evaluating numerous samples and providing feedback in a small effort to help our friends at Indochina Coffee grow their supply chain. Having seen the quality and processing improve so dramatically we are excited to showcase this unique natural processed coffee for a second year.

The Details

Whilst rarely seen outside of Asia, Myanmar has actually been growing small amounts of coffee for much of the 20th century. Until recently, the majority of this was consumed within the Asian continent and only recent political changes have encouraged investment from NGO’s and exporters leading to the founding of Myanmar’s own Coffee Research and Training Association in 2014. This has brought about a profound impact in improving quality and overseas interest as we have witnessed cleaner and more consistent cup profiles.   

This particular coffee hails from the area of Ywangan within the Southern Shan State of Myanmar. Numerous smallholders contribute their daily picking of coffee cherries which is then transported to Mandalay for sorting and processing.  Most Ywangan producers have relatively small farms of less than 3 acres so, in working together, the neighbouring farms contribute to a larger collective output. The predominant variety produced here is Catuai with smaller amounts Caturra, Typica and Catimor hybrids also replacing the fields of poppies that once supplied an opium trade. In return, coffee has begun to provide these farmers with a more consistent and legitimate source of income, offering hope for a country that is still navigating its way out of decades of oppression and unrest.

Expect an intense natural sweetness with tasting notes of plum, hops and molasses. A limited edition that won't be on the menu long.

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