The Fields - Twelve Month Subscription


  • The Fields - Twelve Month Subscription
  • The Fields - Twelve Month Subscription

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The Fields Twelve Month Subscription

The Fields will be roasted and delivered straight to your door each month for 12 months. A great gift idea or perfect when you want your coffee consistently at home or in the office.

A one-off delivery charge will be added to this product at checkout.

As this coffee changes regularly you may receive different coffees throughout the course of your subscription.

Our current Fields: Finca Sabanilla, Costa Rica

Flavour Profile

Boysenberry, Molasses, Cherry


Costa Rica


Valle Central


1,450 masl


Caturra & Catuai



The Story

From Finca Sabanilla, this Natural “Perla Negra” lot of Caturra & Catuai varieties is dried with the coffee cherry still intact. The coffee is regularly turned each day resulting in a well managed and clean natural fermentation, a hallmark of Las Lajas processing. The final cup is adventurous and complex - almost the perfect Christmas coffee with rich flavour notes of cherries and boozy sugar sweetness.

The Details

The Las Lajas micromill is located in Sabanilla de Alajuela, within Costa Rica's Valle Central region. The mill processes the coffee grown on The Chacón's surrounding farms, inherited from their grandparents, and is infamous for offering a unique range of processing methods. With an earthquake in 2008 limiting their water supply Oscar and Francisca Chacón took inspiration from Brazilian producers and implemented natural and pulped-natural processes to immediate affect. Refining this approach further they now offer Yellow, Red & Black Honey lots as well as three different styles of natural process.

Regardless of the process, each lot starts with perfectly uniform cherries measured by Brix sugar content prior to picking. Naturals go straight to drying beds whilst the honey processes are pulped and then moved to the drying patios with their layer of mucilage intact.

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