In Support Of...

At Climpsons we're not just about coffee (OK — we're mainly about coffee), but we also care about things. We spend time and effort supporting causes we care about within our local community, including charities that support people sleeping rough, local schools, as well as charities that work to help the environment around the world.

The Blue Marine Foundation: London 2 Monoco 2018

After collecting all final donations to London to Monaco 2018, this year’s riders and sponsors have collectively raised a phenomenal £256,423, exceeding our target of £250k for a third year running. Thank you so much for your generous contributions.

The funds equally among the following four BLUE projects: St Helena, Ascension, Lyme Bay and the Mediterranean. Below are just a few examples of how this money will be spent.

St Helena

  • Hand-held radios for BLUE’s St Helena Conservation Team
  • Masks, snorkels and flippers for six adults and six children
  • Binoculars and GPS units to monitor whale sharks
  • SCUBA diving scholarships to engage six local people
  • iPads for education about marine conservation
  • Beach hut restoration to provide attractive sea access


  • 3D printer for exhibits at Prince Albert Conservation Centre
  • Display boards/ craft materials for children’s exhibitions
  • Headphones/listening kit for Prince Albert Conservation Centre
  • Weather measurement station for children to gather data
  • Geography and science books for schoolchildren
  • 600 fishing logbooks to monitor stocks
  • Paints, board and brushes for restorative community art
  • Mini kiln for community pottery classes
  • Field equipment for assessment of recreational fishing
  • Precision otolith saw for measuring the age of fish
  • Innovative laser cutter to teach pupils design & technology

Lyme Bay

  • Reserve Seafood info cards to promote initiative
  • Van wrapping to promote initiative
  • Project information signs for Chiller Units
  • Ten mobiles with apps for new sustainable fishers in scheme
  • Fish boxes for all fishermen
  • Blue Marine flags for all boats


  • Ghost net recovery and recycling
  • 2000 recreational boating Codes of Conduct
  • Train seagrass monitoring students
  • Equipment for rehabilitation of endangered loggerhead turtles
  • Convert a sustainable fisher’s van into mobile, local fish market
  • Patrol and research boat


Hackney Half Marathon

For four years running Climpson & Sons have run the Hackney Half Marathon supporting Shelter with team London Fields, this year including: Pub on the Park, Lardo, & Fix

Tap London

Tap London is a new initiative with tap points all over London to raise money for homelessness, raising money split equally between the 22 charities within the London Homeless Charities Group.

We've had Tap London contactless donation points at both the Broadway Market cafe and our coffee bar at Old Spitalfields Market since November 2018 and we've collectively raised nearly £6k of the nearly £75k raised since the initiative started. 

Gayhurst School

We donated equipment to Gayhurst school, near London Fields, where Julie makes Climpsons coffee every morning to raise money to fund activities for the school They raise on average £100 a week and last term they used the money towards taking the whole school to Chaplin's Pantomime.

Becky's Bathhouse

Becky's Bathhouse are a charity based in Lesvos offering showers and coffee to women and children living in refugee camps on the island. The bathhouse offers a respite to upto 30 women a day from the conditions in the camps and allows a safe space to shower and relax. We donate coffee to the charity.

Other Collaborations

  • Shine Cancer Support 
  • Queensbridge Road Primary