Coffee Sourcing & Roasting

We source and roast some of the worlds best coffees

With an intense focus on sourcing unique and exciting coffees we are inspired to take equal care in our approach to roasting. All of our coffee is roasted on our environmentally friendly Loring SmartRoast S35 where our objective is to evenly develop each coffee’s inherent sweetness, highlighting clarity and balance. With the latest in roasting technology and rigorous quality control process we are able to articulate and pursue our desired flavour profile with accuracy and consistency. Roasting at Climpsons is a marriage of creativity and science.

Our approach to sourcing green coffee is equally driven by quality and a commitment to developing sustainable and ethical relationships. We work with trusted partners at origin to ensure producers receive fair prices and seek to develop ongoing relationships in buying from many of the same farms each year.

We evaluate all potential coffees through a blind cupping process and only select those we find truly exciting. Our ever-changing single origin range represents the most unique flavour aspects of each coffee producing region in an effort to highlight the tireless effort involved at farming, processing and export levels. With differing producing nations often picking and exporting at different periods throughout the year we are fortunate to focus on only working with fresh crop coffee.