Enjoy our cold brew tea recipes.
We use Lalani & Co specialty tea, see our range here.

Kenayan White Tea with mint

8g tea - 600g water
No need to agitate, you don't want to break up the carefully picked leaves.
Seal container and place in fridge for 10-12 hours. (Have a taste at 10 hours and leave to steep for the further 2 only if necessary)
Serve over ice with fresh mint. 
Pass through a sieve. 
Tea ice cubes can easily be made from freezing the finished brew. Saves diluting the flavour!
Best used on the same day! 

Indian Green tea and fresh mint

10g tea - 600g water 
Again no need to agitate. 
Steep for 8 hours. Add 12 bruised fresh mint leaves, steep for a further two hours. 
Pass through a sieve.
Serve over ice with a few fresh mint leaves. 
Can be kept for 2 days!