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With over a decade of experience, genuine love for our industry and dedication to our craft we are able to provide wholesale specialty coffee to any business, from the smallest offices all the way to high volume cafes. Our customers include everyone from hotels to coffee carts and we tailor our services for every need. We can supply as little or as much as you need, from equipment to beans.


Climpson & Sons are pioneers in the evolving London specialty coffee scene

Let us use our expert knowledge to guide you in everything from choosing the right coffee for your business to supplying the right gear, whether that’s grinders, espresso machines or specialty filter brewers. Every Climpson is a coffee geek in their own way and we love sharing our knowledge with, and going above and beyond for, our customers.

Barista training for our wholesale customers

Brewing coffee is a very important part of the chain and we want our products to be showcased in the best possible light. Barista training is available to our wholesale customers, so your staff too can revel in sharing the coffee love!

From coffee theory to practical skills, we can teach you it all. At our training centre, our barista trainers have experience across all areas of the coffee industry, from running a shop, SCA certifications to roasting coffee.

We source some of the best coffees in the world before roasting and packing them in our East London roastery

All our coffee is roasted to order. Freshness and seasonality is the centre of our roasting ethos so we can ensure you get the freshest and highest quality beans. We have a passion for, and a great understanding of cafes, restaurants, and bars, and we love to work with people that share our central goal of serving great coffee.

We host events throughout the year. Committed to making the best coffee, and having the best time whilst doing it. 

We host events for our wholesale customers at our East London roastery throughout the year, everything from barista competitions and London Coffee Festival after-parties, to cupping clubs and Christmas celebrations.





We offer four main espresso options to our wholesale customers ranging from classic through to adventurous,
as well as an ever-changing range of single origin coffees for filter.

The Baron

Contemporary Classic Espresso

A classic, crowd pleaser of an espresso from Daterra Estate in Brazil. Rich, rounded and sweet this coffee is characteristic of the area, with a flavour profile of clean dark chocolate, sweet nuttiness and marzipan that sits exceptionally well as an espresso and in milk.

The Estate

Signature Espresso

We have put our name to this coffee, because, like us, each year it has improved in quality and consistency, to the point that we wanted to showcase this as a stand-alone representation of Ethiopian espresso. We taste milk chocolate, toffee and orange jam in the espresso with milk binding all together for a great jaffa-cake flavour!

Broadway Blend

Seasonal Espresso

High-quality, complimentary, seasonal coffees will always be the ethos of the Broadway Blend, with coffee changing throughout the year following the coffee harvest. Essentially the Broadway Blend is going to be all the good stuff that, we, at Climpson & Sons, love to drink!

The Fields

The Adventurous One

The Fields is the adventurous coffee that has been a key player in our forward-thinking desire for quality and innovation at the roastery. This coffee is a nod to our past as one of the pioneers in the London coffee scene and a representation of our position in Hackney. The perfect filter or guest espresso. 

We can offer our advice, and supply, any type of equipment you need for your business
as well as offering training and ongoing support.

La Marzocco

Linea PB

We reckon La Marzocco are the best in the business. We can supply and offer training on La Marzocco machines, as well as offering ongoing support for our wholesale clients.

Victoria Arduino

Mythos One

The Mythos One has become the industry standard espresso grinder. It is designed specifically for the specialty coffee market, this grinder regulates temperature and dose and performs like nothing else on the market.



An EK is essential for a serious cafe. As close to a perfect grind as you can get from a grinder, the EK is the industry standard, and that doesn't look like it will be changing anytime soon.



Producing consistent delicious filter coffee is simple with the SP9. A single serve precision brewer that's compatible with most manual pourover brewing equipment

Wholesale in the Czech Republic

Henrik has been our 'Head of Sales' for the past 8 years. During his time at Climpsons, he has managed and assisted in the launch of hundreds of cafes by project managing new openings, consulting on equipment, layout, workflow, barista training, support and business mentoring.

Henrik moved to Czech Republic earlier this year and he is now Climpsons’ exclusive distributor through his own coffee consultancy “Everything On Black” in Prague. His aim is to establish a network of likeminded businesses to partner with, working together to create the ultimate coffee experience for all.

You can contact Henrik at or alternatively you can reach him by phone or Whatsapp at: +44 7837 914 913

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