Crusio Tea; GreenTea: Jungsun Jaksul


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Crusio Tea;

No. 077, Jungsun Jaksul

Tea: Green Tea

Origin: South Korea

Region: South Jeolla  

Farm: Honam Tea Estates

Altittude: 700m

Aromas: Strong green vegetables

Flavour: At first this tea tastes soft and sweet, then develops savory tones that remind of borecole. The aftertaste is light sparkling

Brewing Method: 2.5g tea per cup, 160ml boiling water at 70 degrees, leave to steep for 2 minutes 


We came across Crusio on a trip to the Netherlands and were immediately excited about their passion and pursuit of the best flavours you can get in tea.

Crusio Teas are sourced through direct trade. Kiona, the tea buyer and owner of Crusio, visits the farmers on their plantations, examines their methods and tastes the freshly harvested tea. If the tea tastes good and meets her expectations of quality then they buy the tea which they then fly into the Netherlands. Here Kiona makes a recipe for each tea and describes the flavour, so that everyone can taste what she has experienced there!

Crusio have a tea master in every country where they buy tea leaves from, including Japan, China, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Every season the search continues as we look to what characteristics we want in a tea, what flavours need to be reached and where those flavours can be found. Every new harvest means new flavour profiles and thus a new assortment for Crusio tea. 

The quest literally never stops.