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Sensory Training & Coffee Brewing Workshop

Climpson & Sons Home ImBREWvement workshops are for the passionate, budding home brewer. This workshop is all about exploring flavour in coffee - taking you on a sensory journey and working out what you like and why, then set to the task of brewing a V60 and an Aeropress for yourself.

We liken coffee tasting to wine tasting. We want to open you up to the world of coffee, how best to brew it and things to consider, in order to brew to your own individual preference and learn what you like. Check out what the course will cover below.

What is coffee?

We give a little overview of where coffee comes from and what makes Specialty Coffee exceptional. Coffee is the seed of a fruit so we follow the journey from tree to our roastery and into your cup of coffee.

What affects flavour?

We’ll be tasting a selection of coffees to better understand what affects flavour in coffee  — speciality and commodity, washed and natural, arabica and robusta, and specialty coffee from opposite sides of the world. This will help you better understand coffee, to not only get a better idea of what you like and dislike, but to know how to find what you like and demystify the coffee label.

Learn the power of aroma

The sense of smell constitutes the most important sense in the perception of a coffee. But it is often difficult to identify an aroma in your coffee cup. Have you already encountered the feeling that you know a smell without being able to recognise it? Let’s put it to the test with our industry standard Lu Nez du Café kit.

Bring it all together - the tasting part

How do our senses work together to perceive flavours? The three main things that make up the taste of coffee are acids, bitters, and sugars. We will taste different foods to help with understanding how to identify them in coffee and what specifically in these components are positive attributes to look for.

Time to brew!

We will provide a demonstration and insight on how you make the perfect brew with an Aeropress and V60, comparing their effect on coffee flavour with a comparison tasting and we will provide tips and tricks to get you making an enviable brew at home.  You will then have a go at brewing — this session is practical and fun and will you have you making barista quality coffee at home in no time.

Who is this workshop for?

For the budding home brewer who doesn’t know where to start or the semi-pro who wants to refine their technique and everyone in between. For young, old, amateurs and wannabe connoisseurs — anyone who loves coffee and wants to better understand why and how we taste coffee and how to make a better home brew. 

Additional Details

Course takes 2.5-3 hours. 

Class Size: up to 8 people

No prior barista training is required

Minimum of 4 people for course to run (we'll contact you if your course isn't running at least a week before the date)

Please note this course does not cover espresso, extraction theory or latte art.

Held at our training academy in London Fields:
Unit 5, Hemsley Place, Hackney, E8 3SB (opposite the roastery)

The Home ImBREWvement Workshops and bespoke courses are available for private group booking. For more information, please email nicole@climpsonandsons.com