La Marzocco Swift Mini Grinder


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The best grinder for espresso at home...

It couldn't be simpler. The La Marzocco Swift Mini grinder simplifies and streamlines preparing your home espresso. Making it possible to grind, dose and tamp a double espresso on demand with no waste and no mess. The Swift Mini is compatible with all home espresso machine including the La Marzocco Linea Mini. On top of that, the Swift Mini can also function as a standard on demand grinder for your favourite filter brew method. 


        Burr Type

        Height (cm/in)

        Width (cm/in)

        Depth (cm/in)

        Weight (kg/lbs)

        Voltage (VAC)

        Standard Watts (W)

        Grinding Speed (RPM)

        Hopper Capacity (KG)

        Grind Adjustment


        47 / 18

        17 / 6,5

        32 / 12,5

        13,5 / 30

        110V - 220V Single Phase





        The La Marzocco Swift Mini comes in matte black finish.

        Delivery is included. Please allow an extra four working days for delivery. Our admin team will be in touch after purchasing to arrange delivery directly.

        Why Not Add Barista Tools?

        • Acaia Pearl Scales S - Scales are essential for correctly dosing your coffee and consistently making tasty coffee. The Acaia scales are the perfect size for effortlessly weighing your portafilter and dosing correctly. The scale monitors the weight, time, and flow rates as you brew coffee. 
        • Rhinowares Tamper - this 58.4mm flat based tamper is competition standard and will help you consistently tamp evenly.
        • Cafelat Splat Tamping Mat - a splash-shaped silicon tamping mat to protect your workbench edge and prevent the portafilter from slipping when tamping.
        • Rhino Coffee Gear Waste Tube - the perfect size for domestic use, this waste tube makes short work of dispensing spent coffee pucks by tapping the portafilter neatly straight into the waste tube.
        • 20oz Milk Pitcher in stainless steel, larger than the 12oz pitcher that is included, this will make it possible to steam milk for more than one coffee and a time.
        • Rhinowares Barista Cloth Set - Microfibre clothes, perfect for cleaning pesky coffee grounds out of portafilter baskets after shots.
        • 18g VST Precision Basket - VST’s precision baskets have evenly sized filtration holes and therefore allow for a more even extraction. Its 18g capacity is optimal for pulling 18g shots, our recommended dosage here at Climpsons.

        Home Espresso Workshop

        Learn how to make the most out of your home espresso machine with Climpson & Sons Home Espresso WorkshopThis workshop is all about helping you extract the perfect Climpson & Sons espresso at home. Learn to make barista quality coffee at home as we guide you through dialling in your La Marzocco Swift Mini grinder as well as steaming milk and pouring cafe-standard latte art from your own kitchen.


        Talk to us about coffee subscriptions, installation, and training. Please email with any questions about the Swift Mini or for wholesale enquiries.