Showstopper: Las Margaritas, Colombia


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The Showstopper: Las Margaritas, Colombia

Get excited people! We are delighted to offer a limited chance to try an award winning coffee from Café Granja La Esperanza.  

Earlier in the year we had discussed which coffees we’d like to serve at the London Coffee Festival. It turned out to be a very quick conversation because each year the answer is unanimous; Colombia’s Cafe Granja La Esperanza. 

We regularly label their coffees as Showstoppers as they quite rightly stop people in their tracks with the most unique array of flavours you never knew a simple coffee cherry could impart. See more on this below.  

Flavour Profile

Boysenberry - Grape Jam - Brandy Snap




Valle De Cauca


1,700 - 1,800 masl





The Story

These coffee are often rare varieties processed in innovative ways, perfect for surprising industry veterans and curious consumers alike. This Pacamara processed in their XO Natural style ticked all the right boxes and we were looking forward to enabling a number of those ‘what is this!’ moments.

Alas, LCF could not go ahead with the current Covid-19 crisis putting much of the world in lockdown and stay-at-home coffee consumption now the only option. Luckily we are still roasting and shipping from a safe distance and felt that a little luxury could go a long way to brightening those quiet days in quarantine. This one is for the adventurous home brewing aficionado’s and, with social distancing in full effect, they might even count themselves lucky not to have to share this time. We realise this may feel a little indulgent but conscience’s can hopefully rest easy knowing that all profit of these sales will be added to our Essential Workers Coffee Fund. We are matching these donations to supply local charities with more coffee for the real heroes serving the community.

Rigoberto Herrera and the team at Café Granja La Esperanza are internationally renowned for their commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. Overseeing the management of five neighbouring farms affords them the unique opportunity to tailor their production to suit the different micro-climates, varieties, and processing methods of these farms. In the past, we have offered limited editions of their Geisha, Sudan Rume and Pacamara varieties along with using their adaptable standard varieties as espresso components. 

This year we have returned to the fan-favourite Pacamara with a slight variation in the processing method. Labelled as their own XO Natural process (for it’s boozy flavour similarity to vintage cognac rather than any additives), cherries are selectively hand-picked and, instead of immediate drying, are introduced to a temperature-controlled fermentation tank for 50 - 60 hours. This imparts a more concentrated flavour intensity through anaerobic fermentation where the coffee's natural sugars and yeasts are forced into a more rapid reaction. The resulting coffee is so distinctly complex we couldn’t fit all of our extravagant tasting notes on the label, having to settle for the weird and wonderful boysenberry, grape jam and brandy snap. 

Brew Recipes

Kalita Brew Recipe – 2018 UKBrC Champion Lisa-Laura Verhoest

— 18g coffee / total 300g water

— Initial bloom of 70g water over 34 seconds

— Stir thrice to ensure entirely even coverage and extraction

— Pour all remaining water in a circular motion up to 300g

— A nice wee Rao-swirl and tap to ensure coffee bed settles flat