Rooted Spices Brunch Blend


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Rooted Spices Brunch Blend (35g)

The Rooted Spices Brunch Blend is a collaboration with us. Rachel and the team are an amazing independent business down the road in Hackney. 


Rooted Spices started around a kitchen table, with a singular aim - to find the best tasting spices possible. They wanted to bridge the gap between those fragrant bags of spices you pick up at overseas markets and the dusty, decades-old jars found at the back of British spice cupboards.  


We are really pleased to join forces on this collaboration blend. The blend of Urfu Chilli and Sumac will spice up your brunch: sprinkle over eggs, avo toast, cream cheese bagels. These flavours pair particularly well with coffee. 

  • 35G of Brunch Blend
  • Ingredients: Black Urfa pepper, ground sumac