SCA Barista Skills - Professional Course


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SCA Barista Skills - Professional 

  • A course for baristas who have considerable experience and have completed the intermediate qualification.
  • Focus is on the science and managerial perspective of coffee and espresso based drinks

    • Delve into the complex nature of coffee and understand how to unlock its potential through dose, grind, water temp, quantity and pressure.

    • Learn the science behind espresso extraction including TDS, extraction percentage and expressing these through espresso brew formulas.
  • Roasting and its influence on flavour
  • Science of milk and its influence on coffee

    • Latte art mastery
  • Cafe management and advance equipment maintenance

    Module Information

    Barista skills
    Required Prerequisite: Barista Skills Intermediate
    Recommended Prerequisite: Barista Skills Foundation and Brewing Intermediate
    Introduction to Coffee, Sensory Skills Foundation and Green Coffee Foundation
    Minimum Length: 14 hours
    Days: 3
    Required Exams | Passing Scores: Written exam | 70% Practical exam | Pass each section of exam (passing scores per section vary)

    Course Points: 25 points
    Certificates included.

    Food and refreshments provided:

For in-person training, food and refreshments will be provided on the day, if you have any dietary requirements or severe allergies just let us know once you have booked the course and received the confirmation email.

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barista training
coffee training
coffee training academy
coffee training room