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Seasonal Espresso Six Month Subscription

Our Seasonal Espresso will be roasted and delivered straight to your door each month for 6 months. A great gift idea or perfect when you want your coffee consistently at home or in the office.

The one-off payment is inclusive of all postage for the 6 months.

As this coffee changes with the seasons you will receive a different coffee throughout the course of your subscription.

Our current Seasonal Espresso: Spring Edition is from El Progresso, Brazil

Flavour Profile

Brown Sugar, Almond, Toffee




Chapada Diamantina, Bahia


Catuai, Catucai & Yellow Topazio


1,150-1,200 masl


Pulped Natural


Fazenda Progresso

The Story

Our goal with the seasonal espresso is to develop fantastic and innovative single origin roasts that work well with shorter milk drinks, but are talking points as espresso. 

We've been witness to some truly extraordinary coffees in the seasonal espresso; our continued emphasis on farm-to-roaster relationships ensures we see the best quality, seasonal coffees coming from the same farms ever year.

For the second year running we are excited to return to coffee from the delicious El Progresso from Brazil.

Farm Story

Farm Story Fazenda Progresso lies in Northern Brazil. The name means “progress” in English, which correlates with the Borré family’s concept and philosophy of business. The name is a clear insight into the family’s commitment to movement, innovation and improvement in every working day. Their focus is on combatting climate change with new techniques and technologies, and sustainable irrigation for the entire farm.

Welfare for their workers is also extremely important to the family, with over 200 permanent workers employed. All employers are supplied with clothing, sunscreen and safety equipment. They have also built and foster a school for children in a village next to the farm, further contributing to the wider community.

The family have invested heavily in developing Progresso’s coffee infrastructure, recently extending production to 1,000 hectares at the end of 2012 and building their own processing facilities. 

The Details

Harvest runs from June until September with this lot from Progresso being a pulped natural processed coffee. The ripe cherries are pulped and then dried in the sun on concrete patios for 24 hours with the sticky mucilage still attached. The process is finished off in dryers until they reach the optimum humidity level. Approximately 70% of all production is destined for international speciality markets.


This coffee is best brewed to highlight it's inherent body and sweetness. For espresso, we recommend brewing at a ratio of 1:2, to bring the middle notes of toffee and brown sugar to the fore. Expect this to be a favourite for your flat white drinkers.

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