Single Origin: El Martillo, El Salvador


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We now offer multiple espresso grind options: the domestic grind is slightly coarser, perfect for home espresso machines from Sage or De'Longhi; and the commercial grind is the finer option, more suited towards commercial machines from La Marzocco, Sanremo.

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A Single Origin from El Salvador

The coffees from the Salaverria family are some of our all time favourites and this marks the seventh consecutive year we have purchased coffee processed at their Las Cruces mill. Versatile, smooth and sweet, El Martillo has been a regular on our single origin list with this year's version a more intense honey process.

Flavour Profile

Cocoa Butter, Nougat, Date Molasses

El Martillo, El Salvador


El Salvador


Santa Ana




1,500 - 1,700 masl



The Story

El Martillo is a high altitude plot separation within the larger San Francisco estate.
Set at 1,700m up the mountain range of Apaneca Ilamatepec, San Francisco is one of the JASAL groups 3 farms with all harvested cherries then delivered into their central processing mill, Las Cruces. Here the coffees are meticulously sorted and each lot is traceable to unique hillsides and sectors of the farm. We last visited back in 2016 and were amazed at this methodical approach to processing whilst still managing an impressive volume.

The Details

Now into their 6th generation of coffee history, the JASAL daily operations have always been a family affair and are now overseen by brothers Jose Antonio and Andres Salaverria. Their commitment to community initiatives is an obvious part of maintaining their loyal full time staff with education, housing and free healthcare offered. In a time when many producers are struggling with leaf rust and profitability the Salaverria’s are also investing in environmental measures with much of their production Rain Forest Certified and organic fertilisers used to regenerate their farms.

In previous years we have had El Martillo lots as crisp washed coffees and intensely funky naturals. Bringing some of the best attributes of both is this honey process. Picked at an intensely red ripeness these beans are pulped from their cherry and then transferred straight to the drying patios with a thin coating of fruity mucilage still intact. Dried over the following two weeks the resulting is comparatively cleaner than a natural with a more intense body than washed versions. Smooth and sticky tasting notes of cocoa butter, nougat and date molasses find this perfectly suited to a trusty aeropress, cafetiere or batch brew.