Single Origin: Kapsokisio, Kenya


  • Single Origin: Kapsokisio, Kenya
  • Single Origin: Kapsokisio, Kenya

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Single origin from Kapsokisio, Kenya

We've hosted some truly memorable Kenyan coffees this season, but we may have saved the best for last. We introduce the Kapsokisio from Kenya. Expect juicy blackcurrant, liquorice sweetness and a delicate rose aroma.

Flavour Profile

Blackcurrant, Liquorice, Rose




Mt Elgon


1,500-1,950 masl


SL28, SL34



Farm Story

The Kapsokisio washing station is one of Kenya's superstar coffee processing stations. Built in 1971 it's located on the slopes of Western Kenya's Mt Elgon and assists with processing the coffee for over 800 producers.
Revered as setting and upholding some of the highest quality standards in Africa. Kapsokisio methodically sort, separate and wash SL28 and SL34 varieties. One of their secrets to their on-going success is an extended fermentation in clean water before slowly drying over 2 weeks on raised beds.

The Details

Kapsokisio processes its coffee the typical Kenyan way, with an eye for detail here and there that greatly improves the cup quality. Before pulping, the cherries are sorted on quality and processed separately accordingly. Next, the cherries are de-pulped on a disc pulper and fermented under water for 24 to 48 hours. During this fermentation, the water is changed so it stays clean. The parchment is cleaned in the grading channel and soaked for an additional 24 hours prior to drying. On the raised drying tables, shade nets protect the parchment from the too hot sun. 

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