Single Origin: Kibingo, Burundi


  • Single Origin: Kibingo, Burundi
  • Single Origin: Kibingo, Burundi

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Flavour Profile

Cranberry, Cocoa, Toffee






Red Bourbon


1,890 masl



Coffee in Burundi

Burundi is a land with a great coffee tradition. Its high altitude, volcanic soils and abundant rains offer the ideal conditions for the growth and production of exceptional, exotic coffee. In contrast to a lot of other coffee producing countries, in Burundi, there are no large coffee plantations. Most coffee is grown on small family-owned farms and cherries are the traditionally brought to the closest central washing station/mill.

Farm Story

This coffee comes from the Kibingo wet mill, built in the mid 80’s located on the high-altitude hills of the Cong-Nile Crest, in the region of Kayanza.  Around 500 farmers and small holders contribute to Kibingo, with majority having small plantations with no more than 100 coffee trees. The region of Kayanza is renowned for being a great coffee producing area of Burundi. At the heart of the region lies the water source of the Nile river. It is this high quality and unique water that is used by wet mills that surround the source to process their coffee cherries.


Fantastically dynamic washed red bourbon, this coffee explodes with flavour and is a stand out for filter brewing options.

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