Single Origin: Ruchu, Kenya


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We now offer multiple espresso grind options: the domestic grind is slightly coarser, perfect for home espresso machines from Sage or De'Longhi; and the commercial grind is the finer option, more suited towards commercial machines from La Marzocco, Sanremo.

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Single origin from Ruchu, Kenya

Summer calls for bright and bold coffees and few hit the spot quite like a fresh Kenyan. This AA lot comes from the Ruchu washing station and offers crisp and tropical flavours perfect for filter and cold brews.

Flavour Profile

Cranberry, Honey, Pineapple






1,400 - 1,600 masl


SL28, SL34 & Ruiru 11



The Details

The Ruchu Gacharage Farmers Co-Operative Society serves more than 3,500 small scale coffee growers with 5 washing stations dotted across the Murang’a county. Set on the Ruchu river, this namesake washing station is able to utilise this water for pulping and cleaning coffee. Member farmers are educated and incentivized to pick deep red ripe cherries which are delivered and sorted on the same day. Kenya’s infamous washed process is followed with meticulous quality control with depulped coffee moved in clean water fermentation tanks to break down any remaining cherry mucilage. Washing channels remove these layers and sort the coffee again with beautifully clean coffee making it out the raised drying beds.

Patience and precision are the key attributes to any quality coffee operation and, with more than 50 years experience, the Ruchu processing factory embodies this practice. Faced with competition from other agricultural crops and rapid climate changes, they are also working against commercial mono-culture in an effort to promote long-term sustainability.