The Fields V22: Hambella, Ethiopia


  • The Fields V22: Hambella, Ethiopia
  • The Fields V22: Hambella, Ethiopia

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Flavour Profile

Blueberry · Violet · White Chocolate




Oromia, Guji


1,900 masl


Mixed Heirloom



The Story

The Fields: the adventurous single origin coffee.

The Fields is perhaps the cornerstone of our forward thinking approach at Climpson & Sons and our position as an innovator within the London coffee scene. It gives us the opportunity to showcase exciting and expressive advancements from farm to cup, be it through new hulling/processing/drying methods, variety genealogy, agronomical experimentation, or simply political and social change.

Farm Story

For the summer edition of our Fields espresso, we've selected a natural processed fruit-bomb from Guji, Ethiopia. Grown at over 1,900m this co ee comes from some of Ethiopia's most sophisticated producers, the family-owned METAD agricultural group.

Hand picked and dried over 21 days, this years Hambella crop stands out as an incredibly clean and balanced natural. Expect intense tropical fruit flavours with notes of blueberry floral hops and smooth white chocolate - perfect for fruit driven espresso and intensely full-bodied filter.


Get out your smoking jackets and purple slippers for this Ethiopian natural because it's all smooth amaretti boozyness and blueberry funk. Brew at 1:2 ratio for 30 seconds on espresso for maximum syrupy sweetness!


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