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The Fields ongoing Subscription

In our ongoing subscriptions, you will receive a regular delivery of the The Fields straight to your door.  With our recurring payment system choose how often suits you and leave the rest up to us.  

As this coffee changes regularly, you may receive a different coffee throughout the course of your ongoing subscription.

Our current The Fields: Version 21 is from Gera, Ethiopia

You can change or end your subscription at any time by emailing or calling 02072547199 Mon-Fri 9am.

Flavour Profile

Apricot · Honey · Chamomile






1,900- 2,100 masl






The Story

The Fields: the adventurous single origin coffee.

The Fields is perhaps the cornerstone of our forward thinking approach at Climpson & Sons and our position as an innovator within the London coffee scene. It gives us the opportunity to showcase exciting and expressive advancements from farm to cup, be it through new hulling/processing/drying methods, variety genealogy, agronomical experimentation, or simply political and social change.

We are super excited to introduce Gera from Ethiopia as our V20 The Fields.

Farm Story

Ethiopia is well known for being the birthplace of coffee.  With large mountain ranges, lush soil and tropical cloud forests it’s the perfect climate for coffee growing- over 400,000 hectares of land is dedicated to growing arabica coffee in Ethiopia. There are more than 1.1 million coffee farmers (small holders) in Ethiopia, many farms dedicated to arabica and speciality grade coffee having less than 1 hectare of land for coffee production.

The varieties are referred to collectively as Ethiopian heirloom, which is a myriad of local native typical hybrids and new and improved varietals based on old strains.

Gera Farm is stretched over the high land area of Limmu which sits at an altitude of 1900-2100 masl, which is ideal for Arabica coffee growing ecology. With strictly no chemical fertilisers, the production system on the farm is based on sustainability principles. Focus is on sustainable production, through protection of the farming environment, improving the living and working conditions for all employees and producing high quality coffee by implementing positive agricultural practices.

The Details

All coffees are shade grown and soil is enriched with nitrogen fixing plants which also aid in protecting the environment from pollutions. Water used in the processing of the coffee at the wet mill is taken from the local river by the farm. No chemical mucilage remover is used during processing. The coffee instead is fermented for 36-48 hours in fermentation tanks, then moved to soak. The coffee is then washed and taken to drying tables for 10 days. 


This coffee has a beautiful balance of acidity and sweetness and brewing should reflect this. Try a 1:2.2 ratio for espresso and classic 1:16.6 for filter. Using these parameters, you should find a delicious clean sweetness not found in all washed Ethiopian coffees.  

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