Midnight Oil Cocktails - Winter 2021

Midnight Oil Cocktails - Winter 2021

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There's nothing more fun than putting a few cocktail recipes in the planner in the lead up to Christmas. Our Midnight Oil serves as the perfect espresso based liqueur. So if you're looking to spruce up your recipes to make something fun and and festive, have a look at some suggestive recipes we have put together. 

Cinnamon Irish Coffee

Cinnamon Irish Coffee - Coffee Cocktails


25ml Midnight Oil

25ml Slanes, or Irish whisky of your choice

Bar spoon sugar syrup

75ml black coffee

Double cream (dairy, or dairy-free alternative)



To make the perfect french press, mix 15g grams of coffee (we recommend our Baron) at a medium coarse grind with 250ml water and brew from anywhere from 5-8 minutes. Once brewed, decant the liquid, and add 75ml into a mixing glass. Stir into this, 25ml Slanes, 25ml Midnight Oil and a small spoon of sugar syrup. Once this is stirred and mixed, pour into your serving glass. In a separate bowl, mix some double cream, pinch of cinnamon and a small spoon of sugar syrup, whisk this until a thickened consistency, but still pourable. Using a spoon, float the delicious cinnamon cream on top of your coffee base. We like to garnish ours with a subtle grating of white chocolate, macadamia nut, and a pinch of fresh nutmeg.


 Oat White Russian

Oat White Russian cocktail


50ml Midnight Oil

25ml East London Liquor Company Vodka, or vodka of your choice

75ml oat cream

50ml oat milk


Into a saucepan, or a coffee steam-wand jug, mix your 50ml Midnight Oil, 25ml Vodka, 75ml oat cream and 50ml oat milk. Heat until nicely warmed, then serve into your desired glass. Garnish with 2 coffee beans and a pinch of coffee. serve is the perfect sharer, why not try larger volumes of the same ratio for a winter warmer?

Hug From Mary
Coffee cocktail - Hug from Mary


35ml Dark Rum

13ml Five Points Stout or similar

15ml Pedro Ximenez sherry

14ml Midnight Oil


Into your cocktail shaker, pour the dark rum, stout, sherry, and Midnight Oil. Ice the shaker and shake to develop a nice crema. Double strain into your desired glass, we recommend a stemmed cocktail glass.

Author: Reginald Churchley 


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