The Story

Midnight Oil is created by Climpson & Sons; specialty coffee experts and industry leaders and pioneers, challenging the boundaries of possibility in specialty drinks through our sustainable approaches and focus on quality, flavour and hospitality and Midnight Oil is an extension of this.

From 'Bean to Bar', we source some of the world’s most exceptional coffees and roast them in East London, we then expertly brew the coffee and blend it with premium ingredients. For sipping in the day or shaking at night, we have always been advocates for quality and flavour. The Midnight Oil range consists of the award-winning premium coffee liqueur and a ready-to-drink category of coffee based cocktails. The range is delicious, decadent and sophisticated, and challenges the boundaries with innovative processes and quality ingredients.

Whats new?

The Midnight Oil range has come full circle. It reflects a bartender's armoury of ingredients with everything you need to make the ultimate espresso martini or coffee cocktail. 

Our new look:

The glow can be depicted as a roundel,  symbolising our involvement from the bean to the Bar. We are involved at every step of the process. As coffee roasters, specialising in coffee, we deal directly with the farms, sourcing excellent beans, we then roast, brew, blend, and deliver it to the bar. Our roundel is a symbol that from start to finish it's about quality sourcing, expertise and know-how. 

Our new 700ml bottle is made of recycled wild glass. It's a dinner party for 6, with an extra for the chef. 

We now have a decaf and collaborative series so try them whilst you can.

The midnight oil range