Meet the Climpsons

These are the people that source, roast, and brew your coffee.

Ian Burgess

Owner & Founder

Ian started Climpson & Sons as Burgil Coffee in the early 2000s after moving back to the UK from Australia and seeing a lack of decent coffee in London. The initial years’ operating a market stall on Broadway Market (which you can still go to today), before setting up a cafe - taking on the name Climpson & Sons, the old Butchers shop. A big fan of DIY he started roasting coffee for himself and his mates started a brewery and then created the concept of Climpson's Arch by building his own bbq!

Danny Davies

Commercial Director

Danny is an old hand in coffee; dating back to pre-2000 days making coffee in Melbourne, before arriving hot on the UK scene initially selling coffee to Ian. Danny has been with Climpson & Sons since 2010 and is known to be the culinary king and Head of Wine Club. Always exploring new cuisines, fermentations and recipes he brings a wealth of knowledge to Climpsons and is your go to if you need cooking, wine or travel advice!

Nicole Ferris

Managing Director

Nicole joined the company in 2011, fresh off the boat & in need of a job. After a chance meeting with a Climpson on the side of the road in Brazil she hasn't looked back working her way through various roles, creating a marketing department and developing other areas of the business. Also quite the cupper Nicole 'the palate' Ferris came 2nd in UK Cup Tasters Competition for 2017. @nicoleferris13

Simon Clark

Head Roaster & Production Manager

Simon moved to the UK from NZ in 2013, and jumped on board soon after in need of a job. Over the past few years, he has run the roastery; seeking the most delicious coffees imaginable & roasting them pretty darn well. As a professional hoarder, Simon spends some, if not, all of his time digging through dusty shops for new records to add to his ever expanding collection.

Lena Patel

Financial Controller

Lena has been with Climpson & Sons since 2011, and has worked about every job you can do here. Starting on the till in the cafe, moving to the arch to work on the bar at Burnt Enz, packing beans, all before landing in the office to oversee logistics and finance! Now she's our resident number cruncher. More wine and tea than coffee, find her propping up any bar in E8.

Henrik Moller

Head of Sales

Henrik joined Climpson’s in 2012 as the Cafe Asst Manager before moving into the honourable craft of selling beans. Prior to the influx of bearded men in London, Henrik was the first and only employee at Climpson’s to have a beard. Outside of Climpson’s, Henrik can be found searching and sampling some of the finest watering holes that London has to offer. He was 2017 12th best Cup Taster in Sweden.

Jen Aitchison

Logistics Operations Manager

Jen joined the Climpson’s party in 2017 after making the leap from running an independent café in Bristol, she now heads up our logistics team. You wouldn’t know it, but Jen hails from Scarborough and her barista life began hurling frothy caps at age 14. Like a lot of people at Climpsons, the big move to Melbourne opened her eyes to the potential of hospitality – with top quality coffee, food and booze. Jen is our in house Yogi and ever reliable in sinful office snacking.

Sam Clarke

Don of Dispatch

Sam is the guy at the roastery who sorts things out! Sam was originally pursuing a career in Film Production, before he realised that coffee was the way forward. Also, working 15 hours a day, 6 days a week, may have had something to do with it. Sam is new to specialty coffee and working in the roastery means he is seeing first-hand the wonderful complexities of the coffee world of cupping for quality control and for profiling new coffees – one of his big learnings so far is distinguishing how different coffee origins have different flavour profiles

Lisa-Laura Verhoest

Head Account Manager

Lisa-Laura, aka LL Cool J the singing Barista; joined us in May 2017. Her new role as a barista trainer suits her to a T – she gets to talk about coffee all day, every day and people have to listen! Her favourite Hackney place is the Red Art Café – it was the first stop when she first ventured to London and made friends with Ali the owner. If she isn’t eating Mezze you may find her in an audition room for the Voice! LL is the 2018 UK Brewers Cup Champion, woo!

Kieran Lamont

Production Roaster

Kieran joined the company in 2016, and dived head first into the Climpson's lifestyle, taking on a role in our incredibly professional 5 a side squad. Which is mainly why we hired him as he was top goal scorer this past season! Kieran also is head of plant watering at the roastery which is one of the most important jobs here at Climpsons.

Emily Jackson

Roastery Operations Manager/ Production Roaster

Where to begin with Emily. Hailing from Yorkshire originally, she has recently joined the team after many years living and working in the US of A. Emily has been very busy since the world of specialty coffee opened up to her – learning the dark art of roasting, has run cafes and developed barista training courses, has been hot on the USA competition circuit and judged countless SCA barista comps. Emily is into coffee from Brazil – there are things going on there that are surprising and unexpected and the one to watch for the future. When Emily isn’t at the roastery she likes to go out to meals she can’t afford with friends, hang out with family in Yorkshire and is currently building a loom to pursue her passion as a fibre artist.

Joel Darville

Cafe Manager

Joel manages the cafe. He likes to spend all his money eating out at the best restaurants in the UK and his pub football team recently won the BT Sport Pub Cup — he had to sit out the Coffee Roasters Cup due to injury but will be gunning for us next year — watch out.

Federico Ferrari

After Hours Production Assistant

Fed joins us in the After Hours department. His Hackney secret spot is Prince George for drinks and Franco on Broadway Market for pizza – you'll find him making Ethiopian coffee on his Aeropress. Fed was born 79 days before the third World Cup won by the Italian team in Spain. He's a vegetarian, ex ex graphic designer / ex fashion photographer, perfume lover (but not allowed to wear it cause the coffee would absorb it), edible mushrooms picker and can’t say no to a party.

Joe Akinremi

Barista & Cart Supervisor

Joe moved to London from Ireland in 2015, and began his journey into the world of coffee immediately. He started working for Climpson & Sons in July 2016, and has been serving superb coffees with a grin ever since. He is the King of Positive Vibes Only and outside of smiling for a living, Joe can be found either at the gym, with his head in a book, or practising brew methods. He is also studying to be a Dr, so we know who to turn to before self-diagnosing ourselves on the internet.

Ron Reis

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

No one really knows where Ron hails from. Rumour has it that he has lived on five continents and worked in marketing for many years before falling head over heels for coffee. Wanting to combine his love for coffee and marketing, Ron joined the Climpson’s marketing team in 2018. Outside of work hours, Ron will likely be found trawling London for obscure vinyl records or honing in on his coffee brewing skills.

Alex Bos

Sales Executive

Alex joins us in the sales department from Belgium. She's been in coffee for 8 years, in everything from quality control for green coffee trading, to owning her own brunch spot — she's also judged national competitions in Belgium. She enjoys brewing an Ethiopian or a Kenyan, usually on a V60. Alex has only just arrived in London, but loves exploring all the best food spots — especially if they involve natural wine.

Rebecca Wooden

Assistant Cafe Manager

Becky had previously open and ran a bistro in small-town New Zealand and found herself a Climpson's customer when she came back to the UK. Her favourite local Hackney spot is Legs because of the great food and wine and neighbourhood feel. She loves cold brewing at home and fruity Ethiopian coffee. You'll find her at the Lido, running around the parks and canals, or at crack of dawn yoga.

Vern Molo

Assistant Financial Controller

Vern joined the finance team in September 2018. His favourite coffee origin is Ethiopia and you can usually catch him sampling wines around Hackney on the weekends. Vern spends his spare time reading, drawing and Thai boxing. 

Emily Morrison

Production Assistant

Emily joined the roastery team after working as a barista with Climpson beans and wanting to take the leap into production. Her Hackney secret spot is Casey's in Clapton, independently owned and everything made by the woman who runs it. Emily loves a Kenyan V60 and spends her spare time climbing, cycling, and cooking. She once served a customer who brought their own pint glass to have a macchiato in...

Luke Clarkson

After Hours Manager

Luke started out helping Ian build the new office and ended up staying and forming the nitro department. Luke ran successful restaurants and bars down under and has survived hospitality for an impressive 18 years. Luke likes to hang out anywhere with a natural wine list, likes to cook and experiment and isn't much of a storyteller.

Matthew Weller

Admin & Logistics Assistant

Matthew joins the logistics team from a life behind the bar, looking forward to the challenge of sitting down and being quiet all day after years of making coffee. Matthew currently lives in a south-east bubble but is looking forward to exploring Hackney. He loves a Kenyan V60 and you'll often find him in the kitchen. One time Matthew overdosed on caffeine at an advanced espresso training course and nearly had a heart attack on the train home.

Rudi Leandro

Barista Trainer & Account Manager

Rudi fell in love with coffee when he was working at an independent cinema during university, before moving on to a busy central London cafe as a barista then moving into the world of training. Rudi joins us in the training and account management team — his go to coffee is a fruity Kenyan or a Colombian through a V60. Rudi spends his time exploring London and watching great classic movies. 

Olga Ptáčková

Equipment & Logistics Assistant

Olga joins us in the Equipment and Logistics department having worked in coffee for 5 years. She likes to brew an Ethiopian coffee on a V60 and her secret spot, hidden in the corner of London Fields, is the lido. In her spare time you'll find her climbing, eating, and reading.