Meet the Climpsons

Our team of dedicated and passionate individuals make Climpsons a very interesting and diverse group of people. Hailing from all over the world, our team has developed and changed as has the communities we are a part of. Starting from the one man band of Ian Burgess to now just shy of 50 people across two cafes, roasting and production, training, account management, business development, marketing and events and operations. We have learnt a lot along the way from and alongside a whole host of amazing people who have left their mark over the years.

  • Ian Burgess

    Owner & Founder

    Ian started Climpson & Sons as Burgil Coffee in the early 2000s after moving back to the UK from Australia and seeing a lack of decent coffee in London. The initial years’ operating a market stall on Broadway Market (which you can still go to today), before setting up a cafe - taking on the name Climpson & Sons, the old Butchers shop. A big fan of DIY he started roasting coffee for himself and his mates started a brewery and then created the concept of Climpson's Arch by building his own bbq!

  • Danny Davies

    Commercial Director

    Danny is an old hand in coffee; dating back to pre-2000 days making coffee in Melbourne, before arriving hot on the UK scene initially selling coffee to Ian. Danny has been with Climpson & Sons since 2010 and is known to be the culinary king and Head of Wine Club. Always exploring new cuisines, fermentations and recipes he brings a wealth of knowledge to Climpsons and is your go to if you need cooking, wine or travel advice!

  • Nicole Ferris

    Managing Director

    Nicole joined the company in 2011, fresh off the boat & in need of a job. After a chance meeting with a Climpson on the side of the road in Brazil she hasn't looked back working her way through various roles, creating a marketing department and developing other areas of the business. Also quite the cupper Nicole 'the palate' Ferris came 2nd in UK Cup Tasters Competition for 2017.

  • Simon Clark

    Head of Production

    Simon moved from New Zealand to the UK in 2013 and has been part of the Climpson roastery team ever since. In that time he has taken on the running of the roastery, green buying, and broken the same knee twice. With his football career now on hold, he has more time to dedicate to sourcing and roasting our delicious range of coffees. 

  • Matthew Weller

    Commercial Operations Manager

    Matthew joins the logistics team from a life behind the bar, looking forward to the challenge of sitting down and being quiet all day after years of making coffee. Matthew currently lives in a south-east bubble but is looking forward to exploring Hackney. He loves a Kenyan V60 and you'll often find him in the kitchen. One time Matthew overdosed on caffeine at an advanced espresso training course and nearly had a heart attack on the train home.

  • Jo Palit

    Marketing & E-commerce Manager

    Jayeeta (prefers being called Jo) was Introduced to coffee in 2021, learning everything like a fresher she says, with 14 years of marketing experience. Originally from Kolkata, a city in the eastern part of India, known for its food, heritage and warmth, she shifted base to London in the middle of the pandemic to pursue her dream of doing a second Master's degree, in the UK. Jayeeta loves to cook, travel, dance, watch movies, and listens to all kinds of music and stand-up comedy.

  • Joel Darville

    Cafe Manager

    Joel manages the cafe. He likes to spend all his money eating out at the best restaurants in the UK and his pub football team recently won the BT Sport Pub Cup — he had to sit out the Coffee Roasters Cup due to injury but will be gunning for us next year — watch out.

  • Emily Morrison

    Production & Quality Manager

    Emily joined the roastery team after working as a barista with Climpson beans and wanting to take the leap into production. Her Hackney secret spot is Casey's in Clapton, independently owned and everything made by the woman who runs it. Emily loves a Kenyan V60 and spends her spare time climbing, cycling, and cooking. She once served a customer who brought their own pint glass to have a macchiato in...

  • Brodie Moore

    Product and Sales Manager - Midnight Oil

    A fully-fledged hospitality veteran who has been in the industry for over 15 years covering all sectors from restaurants to bars and cafes. Brodie began his career in Wellington, New Zealand and a few years in Melbourne. After travelling, Brodie set foot in London and eventually found himself at Climpsons. Brodie has a lovely staffy called Freddie and enjoys nothing more than a peaceful snowboard down the slopes of the Alps, he calls this his moment of clarity.

  • Stacey Canning

    National Account Manager

    Born and raised just outside of London, Stacey started working in specialty coffee back in 2012 as a barista at Harris + Hoole like many in the industry. Having worked her way up into the coffee team involved in all areas from training, QC, barista development, coffee events and the rest as a Coffee Operations Manager. Shes always been passionate about everything specialty coffee since finding it in 2012 especially the coffee community. Has judged at many SCA UK competitions since 2015 as a sensory judge and has previously been an SCA Authorised Trainer. Aside from coffee being essentially the core of her world she enjoys spending time with her three cats, visiting different coffee spots, movies, gaming, crafty stuff and an unhealthy amount of house plants.

  • Alex Bos

    Business Development Manager

    Alex joins us in the sales department from Belgium. She's been in coffee for 8 years, in everything from quality control for green coffee trading, to owning her own brunch spot — she's also judged national competitions in Belgium. She enjoys brewing an Ethiopian or a Kenyan, usually on a V60. Alex has only just arrived in London, but loves exploring all the best food spots — especially if they involve natural wine.

  • Ivan Deidda

    Roastery Manager & Production Roaster

    In 2016 Ivan ended up helping his flatmate in competing in the UK Barista Championship. Ivan started his career in the front (Old's Broadway Market Trench cafe) then he stepped into the luxurious production department and has been roasting beans since last May and is a key member of the roasting team. From Sardinian/Italian and proud European. In his spare time Ivan volunteers for local community gardens and likes to watch a good boxing match.

  • Nil Yabanli

    Sales Manager

    Nil's coffee journey started with a Nescafé and Coca-Cola on ice made by her aunt. Throughout her journey between that and specialty coffee, she found herself playing bass for rockabilly punk bands in Tokyo, practising contract bridge in her local member's club andmarketing bling working in fine jewellery. Nil gets nerdy over making music, particle physics, fantastic horror cinema and speaking four languages fluently.

  • Aristotle Karavas

    Operations Manager

    Aristotle moved to London from Greece in 2014 after completing his BA in Photography and Audiovisual Arts. While navigating towards a freelance photographer career, he started working in the production of a specialty coffee roastery. His enthusiasm towards the specialty coffee industry led him to work with a plethora of London based roasteries. In 2020 he decided to go back to academia and complete his Master of Business Administration degree. Aristotle loves training in martial arts, especially Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. He is a thallasophile, training from a young age in competitive sailing, he also used to live on a canal boat for many years, and his last name means "ship" in Greek.

  • Kieran Lamont

    Technical Support Manager

    Kieran joined the company in 2016, and dived head first into the Climpson's lifestyle, taking on a role in our incredibly professional 5 a side squad. Which is mainly why we hired him as he was top goal scorer this past season! Kieran is originally from Bath, started off as a trainee espresso technician in Bristol.

  • Gina Smith

    Equipment & Logistics Administrator

    After managing a tea shop- Bird & Blend in Islington for a number of years, Gina decided to move over to the dark side to develop new skills and learn all she can about coffee. Outside of work, you will find her mainly walking her retired racing greyhound Chester in Epping Forest, growing her own veggies (with varying amounts of success) and cooking with friends.

  • Jonny

    Equipment & Logistics Administrator

    One Christmas out of the blue Jonny received a gift for Introduction to Coffee course at Artisan Coffee School which really kicked off his interest in the world of coffee prior to that Jonny had absolutely zero knowledge. Also during this time Jonny went travelling around South East Asia and gradually began to develop an interest in the art and science of coffee. He now decided to experience what it'll be like behind the scenes working for a coffee roasters.

  • Demi Modino

    Account Executive & Tech

    Demi's first passion would definitely be Riley, (her beautiful Staffordshire bull terrier). Originally from London Demi first heard about Climpson and Sons when working in hairdressing. She spent most days off work visiting Climpson & Sons and walking along the canal dreaming of a career in coffee. She just needed the experience and the mission was set, Demi worked in the cafe for 3 1/2 years, and now represents Climpson & Sons through her role as a Technician

  • Darryl Peter

    Marketing & Design Coordinator

    Darryl, originally from Malaysia, discovered his love for coffee three years ago when he embarked on his journey in the coffee scene. It was at Mukha Cafe where he found his true passion, relishing in the art of coffee-making and constantly exploring new and innovative techniques. While outside of work, Darryl's culinary adventures flourish as an avid chef in the comfort of his own kitchen. However, he equally delights in the experience of dining out and eagerly indulges in diverse cuisines, always seeking out new flavors to savor.

  • Saleem Loonat

    Dispatch & Inventory Manager

    An East London original himself, hailing from Leytonstone, Saleem joins the roastery team having trained with Well Grounded, before working as both a barista and in production for the last two years. He’s tried his hand at pretty much every brew method out there and is excited to learn more about the sensory aspect of working at the roastery. A keen foodie, also the proud owner of an Ooni woodfired pizza oven.

  • Lucy

    Operations Coordinator

    Lucy started making coffee for her family which is where her coffee journey began. In her spare time, Lucy loves games, animals and nature restoration. Born and raised in London, Lucy became part of the Climpsons team in 2021.Lucy is a joy in the office. If you need a good story she certainly has some good ones to tell!

  • Bruno Oliveira de Almeida

    Production Roaster & Quality Supervisor

    Bruno is originally from Rio de Janeiro. He started to work with coffee in Brazil 6 years ago in a friends pop up business. He has been working at climpsons since 2019 when he started as a barista and then head barista for almost 2 years. Then started in the production department and now Bruno is in the roasting team as well. Bruno loves baseball(Go Red Sox!) and his main hobby is to go to record shops to dig some out some vinyls.

  • Roz ffrench

    Trainer & Account Manager

    10 years ago, Roz jumped into the coffee industry straight from the circus where she flew about on the trapeze. Since then, she's become a huge coffee nerd and made coffee all around Cardiff and London with a passion for making the industry more accessible for all. In her free time she loves to crochet, nap with her cat and go cafe hopping with pals and their pooches.

  • Natasha Yeo

    Barista Trainer & Account Executive

    Natasha moved to London 7 years ago to study Law, but she fell into the world of hospitality after her degree and hasn't looked back since. Her specialty coffee journey started 4 years ago. She's in love with all things coffee, so she's always scouting out new spots for coffee and veggie food, or working on her cafe culture playlist, in her free time.

  • Jeremy Archard

    Logistics & Customer Service Assistant

    Jeremy has been working his way through the most important food groups, having worked in the cheese and beer industries before coming to coffee. An integral part of the Logistics team, he ensures that our coffee gets to the right place at the right time to the right people. Jeremy loves a flat white or a filter. In his spare time, he enjoys barbecues, pints and bike rides.