• The Story So Far…

    Roasting coffee in East London since the crack of dawn

Our Story

Celebrating 20 years of Climpson & Sons! 

Hailing from our roots as a market stall on Broadway Market in 2002, we are pioneers in the evolving UK specialty coffee scene. We've grown organically into a busy community led cafe and coffee bar, a leading specialty coffee roastery and as a home for collaborative innovation in food and drink. We supply a number of coffee drinking aficionados,  home brewing enthusiasts and a diverse group of specialty venues, cafes, bars, restaurants and offices.

20 years on, we continue to explore the possibilities of coffee sourcing, roasting, brewing and education. Our approach is equally driven by seeking and understanding quality to coincide with a commitment to developing sustainable and ethical relationships.  It is important to us that we continue to learn from and alongside our coffee producers, wholesale partners, suppliers and collaborators; with sustainability at the core. We’ve been around for awhile, but it hasn’t dampened our desire to explore flavour, seek and encourage quality and bring the world of specialty coffee to life. Our coffee selection, range of Midnight Oil coffee liqueurs (and espresso martini) are a showcase of our values championing innovation, sustainability, inspiration and a bit of fun.

We have an important job connecting amazing coffee producers and their coffees with our wholesale partners and coffee drinkers. Our role in the process is to champion the coffees from our producers and our aim as a roastery is to highlight and showcase a coffee as more than just a commodity or product. We place value in the heart, soul and hard work, and the  risks taken by producers in growing our coffees. Over 90% of our coffees come from producers we have worked with before - this commitment means coffee producers have more certainty in harvest planning, and we can ensure a consistently delicious, seasonal coffee offering which we can look forward to every year.

In 2023 we became BCorp certified.

Pioneering coffee excellence and sustainability

Climpson & Sons are pioneers in the evolving London specialty coffee scene. Our ambition is to continue sourcing, roasting and crafting the finest coffees from the heart of East London. Our range of espressos, blends and single origin beans reflect what we do: a boundless exploration into the possibilities of flavour.

We take our work pretty seriously; with an ever expanding range of brew methods out there, we are constantly searching for the best flavour profiles and extraction technique to understand how our roasts react in coffee-making equipment. Our sourcing philosophy is primarily directed at flavour and quality. Alongside which our ethos towards sustainability and ethical sourcing protocols ensure the coffees we roast and sell have not only have character but a transparent story. We reward quality by paying a higher price to the producer with the mindset of forming relationships year after year.