Iced Hong-Kong-Style Milk Tea

Iced Hong-Kong-Style Milk Tea

Climpson & Sons 1 min Read

(It’ll need some prep, but it’s so worth it)

What you’ll use: Teadrop Supreme Earl Grey (loose leaf or teabag), condensed milk (dairy or vegan), Midnight Oil Coffee Concentrate

Day before: Brew Teadrop Earl Grey with water and your milk or choice (5:1 ration water:milk). You can do this with either hot water, wait for it to cool down and remove the tea before storage, or brew with cold water and leave the tea in the mixture overnight. Store in the fridge.

On the day: In a glass with ice and a twist of orange rind, add one heaped teaspoon of condensed milk. Fill the glass almost to the top with your earl grey tea (tea bag/leaves removed) and top with 50ml of coffee concentrate. Stir and enjoy!

Side note: You can make this to order without batch-brewing your tea, but batch brewing speeds up service and enables less ice to be used as it’ll already be cold. This recipe also works well with English Breakfast, Assam or Darjeeling tea! 

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