Espresso Tonic with Cold Whip

Espresso Tonic with Cold Whip

Climpson & Sons 1 min Read

(Elevate this summer classic) 

What you’ll use: a double-shot of any espresso from our range, tonic water, whipping cream (dairy or vegan)

What you’ll need: A small whisk (hand or electric)

In a small bowl, whisk your cream until it’s aerated but still pourable 

In a glass with ice, fill ¾ of the glass with tonic water and top with a double shot of Climpson and Sons espresso 

Top with a few big spoonfuls of cream and garnish with some brown sugar and, if you fancy, some flakes of sea salt

Serve and stay alert for cream moustaches 

Top tip: The better quality the tonic water, the better the taste (it makes a really big difference to the overall taste)!

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