Midnight Oil Coffee Liqueur 700ml


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WINNER - Best English Coffee Liqueur (World Drinks Awards 2021)

Midnight Oil coffee liqueur is a hand-crafted, perfectly balanced, decadent liqueur that promises to change your perception of a classic.

Using specialty coffee, premium ingredients and unique brewing methods, we’ve created a modern twist on a bartender’s staple, with coffee that you can actually taste.

Also available in decaf

Serving Suggestions:

Pour over ice. Sip and enjoy.
The perfect base for an espresso martini.
Budding home bartender? Check out our favourite recipes.

Ingredients and Method: 

We source exceptional coffee from our friends at Daterra in Brazil, whose groundbreaking approach is at the forefront of sustainable coffee farming. Their rich, rounded, coffee with notes of chocolate and hazelnut is the perfect foundation for our coffee liqueur.

We don’t cold brew our coffee, but instead use an innovative flash-brewing technique. First we brew the coffee with hot water, then we flash-chill it to extract and lock in the flavours and delicate aromas that you’d expect from fresh espresso.

Next, we mix the coffee with our bespoke blend of aged rum from Guyana, unaged rum from the Caribbean, and add Madagascan vanilla and Costa Rican cacao to accentuate and complement the flavours of the coffee.

You’ll find layers of flavour and complexity which highlight the true flavours of the coffee, without being overly sweet.

Alcohol Content: 21%

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