Retail Coffee Prices: Why our Rates are Changing

Retail Coffee Prices: Why our Rates are Changing

Calum Hill 2 mins Read

You may have noticed that some of our retail coffee prices have changed, we have some more information for you, so you can understand why this change has happened.

The specialty coffee industry is based on the premise of paying more for higher quality coffee and as these costs rise it is only fair that producers (and service staff) are fairly compensated. Over the past 2 years we have seen many of the world's supply chains impacted by Covid, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the rising cost of living. This adds to the pressure already being felt due to climate change and has impacted the cost of producing and shipping coffee significantly.

Part of our value set as a specialty coffee business is to participate in the most sustainable way we can and encourage quality so we can all enjoy a tasty coffee. We strongly believe in paying well above market prices for green coffee as well as paying at least London Living Wage to our local staff. As such, you may notice an increase in some of our retail coffee prices to ensure that those who grow our coffee through to people across the supply chain, including our staff, can cover their costs and continue with coffee as a viable career.

We have also moved to compostable and recyclable packaging and already absorbed the rising cost of energy as we work towards a more sustainable business model. 

In an effort to support our wholesale partners, we will be keeping these prices steady where we can and encouraging consumers to take pride in paying a tiny bit more for a quality cup of coffee. Supporting your local independent coffee shop can have the equally positive effect of supporting independent coffee producers.

As an online customer, your best bet is to get a subscription by subscribing and saving. You can choose the frequency of delivery, the payment style and the quantity and get the best coffees delivered to your door. Some of our coffees have remained at the same rate, it is just the best sellers that have changed. Other good news is that the prices of our 2kg coffee bags have reduced for some of the coffees to balance out the changing prices.
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Thank you for your support and we’re here to help if you have any further questions or concerns. Please email us with any questions. 

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