Home Roasting Workshop

Featuring the Ikawa Home Roaster to bring roasting to life.

The roasting process is what we believe to be a combination of art and science. It is the most important part from transforming the raw green coffee to producing the characteristic flavour of coffee, causing it to change in taste.

This workshop is designed for any Home Barista enthusiast looking to take the next step in their coffee journey, understanding the hows and why of coffee roasting and flavour.

The workshop will be headed up by Emily Jackson, Operations Manager and Roaster at Climpson & Sons. The workshop will provide an overview of the roasting process, including:

  • Physical and chemical reactions in roasting coffee.
  • An introduction to green coffee.
  • Progression of coffee development at each stage of roasting. Learn coffee roasting terminology like ‘first crack’ and what a roasting curve is all about.
  • Cupping coffees to ascertain the differences in taste during roasting.
  • Apply your skills to roast your own batch on the Ikawa Home Roaster with Climpson & Sons selection of coffees.

Who should sign up:

This workshop is designed for the Home Barista enthusiast interested in bringing science to life. You’ve conquered the principles of brewing, you have a coffee brewing recipe down to a fine art, and have an idea of what qualifies as a good quality coffee product.  

You likely don't work in coffee, but enjoy exploring independent coffee shops, different brew methods and discovering unique coffees and flavour characteristics from different origins.


The workshop includes arrival coffee and pastry, the workshop, your roasted coffee plus a bag of Climpson & Sons coffee to take home.

Tickets can be purchased here.